Burma & Syama & Laos


Legend and Cult of Upagupta (in Burma & Lan-Na) derived from Sarva-asti Vada etc.

0.A-0.B. "Praefaatium"; "Abbreviations".

0.C. "Introduction".

1-2. "Upa-gupta in India"; " Buddha's Provisions for His Absence".

3. "Birth and Lineage, Patriarchs, and the Forest-Monk Tradition".

4. "Lay Life, Ordination, and Arhatship".

5. "Upa-gupta and Maara : Bhakti and the Buddha-Body".

6. "Master-Disciple Relations".

7A. "Upa-gupta and A-s`oka", A.

7B. "Upa-gupta and A-s`oka", B.

8. "Upa-gupta and the Sthavira-vaada Orthodoxy".

9. "The Loka-pan~n~atti Legend".

10A. "Mythic Elaborations and Ritual Developments", A.

10B. "Mythic Elaborations and Ritual Developments", B.

10. "Mythic Elaborations and Ritual Developments".

11. "Upa-gupta and the Arhant-Cults".



Thie`^n in Mediaeval Viet-Nam

Parts I-II "A Study"; "A Translation"

Part III "Appendices"


Nippon (Japan)

Nihon Ryoiki by Kyokai

Book I

Book II

Book III



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