Cynic philosopher St. Christopher = Tailika-pada the maha-siddha

Anatolian & Hispanic Cynic philosophers

The “dog-faced” St. Christopher (of Lukia ‘wolf-land’) is suggested [COChM, Apr 2002] to have been an exemplar of Cynic philosophy.

Isidoros the encyclopaeist, in Hispania, had as his namesake a Cynic philosopher.

St. Christopher as a giant twenty-four feet high” [HEH, vol. 1, cap. 1] (= 16 cubits)

cf. 16 varieties of outcastes according to the Hevajra Tantra

Christopher “called from the error of paynims forty-eight thousand men” [GL].

cf. 48 C^>an (Zen) koan-s

Shot by 40 archers, “the arrows hung in the air about, nigh him, without touching.” [GL]

cf. North American Indian arrow-ladder (arrow-chain) to heaven

COChM = Celtic Orthodox Christian Monthly

HEH = Alfred Guy Kingan L'Estrange : History of English Humour. London : Hurst & Blackett Publ., 1878.

GL = Golden Legend

original purple eucharist

the eye-iris of the blue wolfhound is of “grape colour” [IW#b], suggesting this as the source of the idea of eucharist-wine – but

inasmuch as the original prototype of the carrot is purple [MMC] (still the praeferred variety in Afghanistan [HC]), it may be conjectured that the eucharist-“wine” was originally carrot-juice.

IW#b =


HC =

substitution of red-carrot eucharist for the original purple-carrot eucharist

Christopher was hound-headed (should be specifically : wolfhound-headed)

wolfhound” (as blood-“red carrot”) with fish of Tailika [Buddhist Diet 1.A]

St. Christopher ... caught a dory and impressed the spots with his thumb and finger, ... which is yellow with metallic reflections” [“Dory”], the metallic coin of “tribute-money” [AB, p. 256].

Tailika fried a fish alive [MB, p. 253] – cf. vision of “large fish” accompanied by “large dog” [Swirling Disks]

Christopher carried Christ-child (should be : “Son of Man” = [Euangelion of Ioannes 3:14] serpent in wilderness = [ibid. 3:15] aeternal life = [Epistle to the Romans 6:23] free gift = Dosi-theos the Anti-Christ) across river.

Tailika carried Naga-arjuna (‘dragon’) across river [Tilopa].

Christopher “found his staff like a palmier bearing flowers, leaves and dates.” (GL)

Tailika levitated to the height of a royal palm-tree;

Buddhist Diet =

Dory” = British Cyclopaedia of the Arts, s.v. “Dory”.

AB = William Bingley : Animal Biography, or, Popular Zoology. 1820.

MB = Vessantara : Meeting the Buddhas. Windhorse Publications, 1993.

Swirling Disks (cf. coins?) =

Tilopa =

Orphic connections

Orpheus’s spouse Euru-dike began to ascend from amongst the dead [GM 28.c] – there being 9 Bon (and likewise 9 Aztec) netherworlds.

his spouse Matongha levitated to the altitude of 9 royal palm-trees [Tilopa].

Orpheus caused trees to dance [GM 28.a].

Tailika changed trees into illusory soldiers [Tilopa]. cf. the trees of Birnam Wood seen as soldiers by MacBeth [Act 5, Scene 5] --

Having slain Orpheus, the Mainades attempted, in vain, to wash themselves of blood-guilt [GM 28.e].

Lady MacBeth heard how from her husband [Act 2, Scene 2] how he attempted, in vain, to wash hands of blood-guilt.

The Thracian men ... tattoo their wives as a warning against the murder” of Orpheus [GM 28.f].

Pictish & antient Briton tattooing blue, with (according to Plinius -- PW) “plantain” (plantains and bananas becoming blue when boiled for a long while). At Hierapolis (Bambuke = Mabuq), “all tattoo themselves” (SG 59 – p. 88), with fish-scale pattern in Nubia (SG, n. 71) -- like unto fish-scale armor in antient state of Wu, China.

brazen serpent lifted by Mos^eh [B-Midbar 21:9]

dragon mating ... turned into bronze” [Wind Channel] {this is Taoist}

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