Contemporary Esotericism, 17-18


IV. Leaving Margins

17. Indigo Children

Daniel Kline


p. 352 spirit-mediumship by young children

"I would draw attention to the role children have served as mediums and spirit contact throughout history." [fn. 5 : "For examples, see Hamill [1986]; Kieckhefer [1998]; or Fanger [2005]."]

{"Diaspora of Childhood-Spirit-Possession" is title of Chapter 11 ( pp. 416-470) of S-P.} {"a child spirit medium, proved indispensable for communication with the divine." (CF)}

Hamill 1986 = John Hamill : The Rosicrucian Seer. London : Aquarian Pr.

Kieckhefer 1998 = Richard Kieckhefer : Forbidden Rites. Univ Pk (PA) : PA State Univ Pr.

Fanger 2005 = Claire Fanger : "Virgin Territory". ARIES 5.2:200-24.

S-P = Frederick M. Smith : The Self-Possessed : Deity and Spirit Possession in South Asian Literature and Civilization. Columbia U Pr, NY, 2006.

CF = Xiaofei Kang : The Cult of the Fox ... in Late Imperial and Modern China. Columbia Univ Pr, 2006.

p. 353, fn. 8 The Chrysalids

"Wyndham, The Chrysalids. ... there is a striking similaity between the new breed of psychic kids in this novel and ... the Indigo Children."

p. 354 Nancy Ann Tappe

"the first author to speak of Indigo children is Nancy Ann Tappe in Understanding Your Life Thru Color (1986). ... Tappe "classified certain kinds of human behavior into color groups, and intuitively created a startlingly accurate and revealing system." Tappe identifies herself as a synaesthete ... . Tappe describes {symbolism of} the various colours and their relation to aura colours and personality types ... . ... These are understood as

broad personality types ... :

{aequivalent to the Gnostic personality-typology : hylical, psychical, pneumatical (CBTh&EL, s.v. "Valentinus", vol. 10, p. 700a).} {"The Pneumatic is destined for salvation ..., regardless of his or her behavior. The Hylic dwells in the utter darkness of materialistic ignorance, and is destined for destruction. ... The Psychic is situated half way between the Pneumatic and the Hylic, and possesses free will." (TA"V")}

"physical" ["magenta, red, pink, orange, lavender" (fn. 12)],

"mental" ["tan, yellow and green" (fn. 13)], and

"spiritual" ["blue and violet" (fn. 14)].

The colour indigo, however, is situated outside these three,

{Wrong! Indigo is simply the bluish-purple, the hue between blue and violet, and would naturally belong, with blue and violet, to the "spiritual" hues. The color which is actually "outside" the others by not being included ("ME-S") in the rainbow-spectrum of hues is magenta (which ought therefore not be included with red as "physical") is magenta (along with crimson, which is dark-magenta).}

forming, along with "crystal" {i.e., transparent}, a final category, which Tappe [1986, p. 128] designates as "floaters"."

Nancy Ann Tappe : Understanding Your Life Thru Color. Contra Mesa (CA) : Starling Publ, 1986.

CBTh&EL = John McClintock & James Strong : Cyclopædia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature. NY : Harper & Bro.s, 1889.,+psychical,+pneumatical&source=bl&ots=Z05Cc0oV8s&sig=5Z1m6POlhOxrsg70sfnoDcq63bw&hl=en&sa=X&ei=MjQgVKb9HaSSsQTEnIDwAQ&ved=0CCYQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=hylical%2C%20psychical%2C%20pneum

TA"V" = T. Apiryon : "Valentinus".

"ME-S" = "Magenta is Extra-Spectral". (It is not visible in the rainbow, though that may be due to lower frequency-energy toward to infra-red.)

pp. 355-6 Man Visible and Invisible

p. 355

"the work of Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854-1934) ... introduces ... the colour scheme of the aura. A key text for understanding ... the auric colour scheme is [Leadbeater's] Man Visible and Invisible. Leadbeater ... was an active occultist and psychic, using his clairvoyance to ... explore distant times, discover the qualities of matter, and explicate past lives. [Tillet 1982]. ...

p. 356

In Man Visible and Invisible, Leadbeater describes the qualities and appearance of the various spiritual ... bodies."

Tillet 1982 = Gregory Tillet : The Elder Brother. London : Routledge.

p. 359 attention-deficiency

"The discourse of the Indigo Child is almost universally associated with children who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. This ... represents

a "recasting" of a socially stigmatized trait into an indicator for spiritual election.

{Some things being taught to young children (and to adolescents) are not worthwhile learning. It is to their credit that they realize this; and they may have been already instructed by their own hippie parents as to the worthlessness of much of what they are being taught in conventional schools, and have been told to be inattentive in school -- if so, the hippie parents are, naturally, of course praising their own children for resisting being taught in school.}

Whedon describes [2009, p. 61] this process as "... a proactive inversion of meaning"."

Whedon 2009 = Sarah Whedon : "The Wisdom of Indigo Children". NOVA RELIGIO 12.3:60-76.

p. 360 the label "Indigo"

"Sedgebeer is responding to ...

the problem of labelling children as Indigos. ...

{Because the indigo-plant was grown in the southern of the Thirteen Colonies mostly before slavery came to be commonplace (as contrasted to the cotton-plant grown during slavery), hippies (who would praefer a restoration to the ante-slavery aera) would naturally liken their own cultivation of their own progeny, to the cultivation of the indigo-plant. [written Sept 23 2014]}

The mainstream scientific approach is portrayed as

{The author's expression "mainstream scientific" is jargon for "war-mongering ploutokrat". Much "mainstream science" is devoted to research for manufacture of weapons of mass-destruction, and to "scientific" tricks for befuddling the public.}

in conflict with the "holistic" approach that is championed by New Age enthusiasts."

{Hippies tend to champion methods for rescuing the whole planet from the horrors of nuclear-holocaust-promoting capitalist tyranny.

fn. 50 "For a discussion of holism within New Age discourse see Hanegraaff, New Age Religion and Western Culture, 119."

p. 361 The Indigo Children and its authors

"Lee Carroll is a practitioner of channelling, and ... He began channelling Kryon ... in 1991, and continues to this day. ... Carroll has authored several books of his channelling with Kryon and has co-authored [with Jan Tober] three books on Indigo Children ... . Jan Tober, Carroll's co-author, is a jazzsinger and local television show host ... . She gives her own workshops on sound and colour at many of the Kryon events."

p. 363 Doreen Virtue

"Virtue's miracle came in the form of angelic communications, which she describes ... . The majority of Virtue's work has been on the subject of angelic communications, mediumship and their use in healing. Doreen Virtue has also written books on Indigos, "crystal children" and "rainbow children" ... ."

p. 363 James Twyman

"Indigo Evolution is a documentary film made in 2005 ... directed and produced by James Twyman and Kent Romney ... . ... Twyman also produced a previous film, Indigo, in 2003, which starred ... the author of Conversations with God ... . ... Twyman, in the description of the film, states that : "Indigo children and their ability to ... heal, and even foresee events, are well documented. ...""


p. 364 Meg Blackburn Losey

"Meg Blackburn Losey's book The Children of Now ... is about the children who come after the Indigos. ... Her categories for these new children are the "Crystalline Children", the "Star Kids", the "Earth Angels" and the "Transitional Children". ...

They are often highly sensitive {to chemicals in foods, etc.} and physically frail, suffering from allergies".

{Such physical frailty and proneness to allergies may be largely caused by their parents never having protected them from hostile forces by the usual traditional method of prayers on their behalf, and talismans for them (dream-catchers suspended where they sleep, etc.).}

pp. 367-8 CosmiKids etc.

p. 367

"CosmiKids, a corporation that offers products and classes tailored to help children "achieve the clarity to recognize the path they were meant to follow". Cosmikids is a business, with local storefront outlets, which is meant to supplement the regular teaching that children receive in school and through extracurricular activities. ... Inspiration "came out of necessity" while working at the Chopra Centre".

p. 368

"CosmiKids is offering a form of language very familiar to New Age parents. ... Furthermore, these parents seek to instill their progeny with similar values, and ... feel that they need the [New Age] cultural trappings and commodities to accomplish this. ... CosmiKids was featured in the film Indigo Evolution. It is one of many comnpanies to capitalize on the growing market for New Age products targeted at children. There are numerous books, seminars, workshops and other opportunities available to participate in the Indigo discourse."

pp. 369-70 [quoted from Spalding 2003] Indigo Children "will save the planet"

p. 369

"the offspring of Baby Boomers, raised on the vocabulary of ... New Age thinking, ... speak a spiritual language earlier generations didn't."

p. 370

"the Children New Age Parents ... I know ... they're far more spiritually aware ... than my generation was at their age.

They will save the planet."

{They will in due time save the planet and will rescue the inhabitants thereof from the hideous blasphemy known as Christianity, and from the atheistic absurdities promoted Christian materialism.}

Spalding 2003 = John Spalding : "Brood Indigo".

p. 370 powers of Indigo Children

"The Indigo Children ... remember past lives, see the dead, communicate with spirits ... ."

{For maximal efficacy, such abilities ought to be combined in traditional worships of various varieties believed to have been brought to this planet by extraterrestrials, or by divine denizens of the heavens or of the subtle planes-of-existence. If available, their parents or other relatives should introduce them to these worships.}


IV. Leaving Margins

18. Esotericism Debate

Liselotte Frisk


p. 373 Faivre's 6 fundamental characteristics of esotericism

"This usage originates with Antoine Faivre's well known definition [1994, pp. 10-15] ... of six fundamental characteristics or components. The first four are "intrinsic", meaning that they must all be present ... . These are : correspondences, living nature, imagination and mediations, and experience of transmutation.

To those characteristics two more components are added, which are ... often present : "the praxis of concordance" and special forms of "transmission"."

(explained in "WhWE" and in "SE")

Faivre 1994 = Antoine Faivre : Access to Western Esotericism. Albany : State Univ of NY Pr.

"WhWE" = "What Is Western Esotericism?" (Chapter 2 of Albert Billings : The Nature, Structure, and Role of the Soul In the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. MA thesis, CA State Univ at Dominguez Hills, 2007.)

"SE" = "The Study of Esotericism". (Section 3 of Wouter J. Hanegraaff : "Empirical Method In the Study of Esotericism". METHOD & THEORY IN THE STUDY OF RELIGION 7(1995).2:99-129.)

pp. 374-5 cross-cultural gnosis

p. 374

"esotericism ... is typological, and is used to denote and analyse currents and religions that have certain structural features in common. This kind of usage describes esotericism in ... cross-cultural ways. ...

p. 375

Thus gnosis, or the ... direct apprehension of ineffable metaphysical truth, is often preceded by philosophic teachings".

p. 376 two ways to higher knowledge

""von Stuckrad identifies two typical ways to gain higher knowledge : mediation and individual experience. The mediators -- gods, angels, spirits ... -- are present in ... their ability to provide deep metaphysical knowledge to the individual ... . ...

To these dimensions for gaining knowledge von Stuckrad certain worldviews that are typically found in ... doctrines of correspondences and magical rituals".

pp. 377-8 Stark & Bainbridge

p. 377

"Rodney Stark and William Sims Bainbridge have presented their general theory of religion in ... The Future of Religion (1985) and A Theory of Religion (1987). ...

p. 378

Client-cults are, according to Stark and Bainbridge, characterized by "therapist-patient" or "consultant-client" relationships".

{The "therapist-patient" relationship is especially characteristic of shamanry (endemic to Siberians and to AmerIndians); whereas the "consultant-client" relationship is especially characteristic of spirit-mediumship (endemic to many sub-Saharan Africans and to some Taoist Chinese).}

pp. 379-80 Riis & Woodhead

p. 379

"Ole Riis and Linda Woodhead propose a perspective ... of emotion ...-based approaches to religion. ... They observe [2010, p. 203] a general trend whereby religion becomes more explicitly focused upon the

p. 380

emotional demands of its "users" ... . ... Alternative forms of spirituality often deal directly and explicitly with the emotional states ... . Some sects and minority religions may encapsulate themselves to provide [2010, pp. 205-6] an internally consistent and encompassing emotional re[']gime that offers a sharp contrast to the emotional orderings of wider society. ...

Our emotional life is shaped by encouters not only with living beings, but also with ... transcendent, inanimate and dead ones. ... Religious emotion is further expressed through [2010, p. 13] ritual, music, art and architecture."

Riis & Woodhead 2010 = Ole Riis & Linda Woodhead : A Sociology Religious Emotion. Oxford Univ Pr.

p. 381, fn. 50 Frankell's "Life-Yoga"

"The parent organization of Yogi Bhajan's kundalini yoga is 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization), which was founded in the USA in 1969. This form of yoga was introduced to Sweden during the 1990s by Thomas Frankell, a well-known spokesperson for new religions and alternative spirituality. He has chosen to stay ... calling his approach "life yoga".

pp. 382-3 Hansson's Ha:lsogra:nden in Hedemora [in the Dalarna region of Sweden, northwest of Stockholm (p. 372)]

p. 382

"According to Anette Hansson, the purpose of Ha:lsogra:nden is to be a kind of oasis, where people can ... leave with a spiritual experience. ... Hansson says that ...

p. 383

Mudras ... could traditionally be seen as linked to the planets, which also illustrates a doctrine of correspondences. ... As to ... mediations, Hansson recognizes visualization and mantra chanting as ways to contact one's own higher or {divine} spiritual guide."


Egil Asprem & Kennet Granholm (edd.): Contemporary Esotericism. Equinox Publ Ltd, Sheffield, 2013.