Contemporary Esotericism, 9-10


II. Popular Culture

9. Secrets of Scientology

Hugh B. Urban


p. 184 hagiography

"Christensen [2005] suggests ... Hubbard's biography is ... a kind of "hagiographic mythology"".

"Hubbard moved to Pasadena, California, where he befriended ... John (Jack) Whiteside Parsons ... an avid disciple of the infamous British Magus, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) ... . Parsons was an initiate in Crowley's highly esoteric group, the Ordo Templi Orientis ... . Sharing his interest in science fiction and magic, Hubbard became Parson's close friend and a partner in his esoteric magical rites." (Carter 1999, p. 150)

Christensen 2005 = Dorthe Refslund Christensen : "Inventing L. Ron Hubbard". In :- James R. Lewis & Jesper A. Petersen (edd.) : Controversial New Religions. Oxford Univ Pr, 2005. pp. 227-58.

Carter 1999 = John Carter : Sex and Rockets : the Occult World of Jack Parsons. Los Angeles (CA) : Feral House.

pp. 184-6 Hubbard's connection with Parsons & with Crowley

p. 184

"According to Parson's detailed record of this period, entitled "The Book of Babalon", he was engaged in a series of esoteric rituals based on Crowley's magic ... of the "moonchild", a supernatural offspring that would be the embodiment of ultimate power ... . ...

p. 185

In October 1969, the Sunday Times in London published an article that documented Hubbard's links to Parsons and Crowley ... . ...

p. 186

On one side, ... Hubbard's own son, L. Ron Jr [1983] ... suggested that Hubbard ... even saw himself as the modern successor of the Great Beast. Other ex-members ... of the Church such as Jon Atack [1990, pp. 9-93] have alleged that Crowley's magic lies at the inner core of Scientology."

Hubbard Jr 1983 = L. Ron Hubbard Jr : "Penthouse Interview". PENTHOUSE MAGAZ, June 1983, pp. 111-13, 166, 170-5.

Atack 1990 : Jon Atack : A Piece of the Blue Sky : Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard ... . NY : Carol Publ.

pp. 186-7 cited from Urban 2012 : Crowley's Thelema in Scientology

p. 186, fn. 27

"(i) Hubbard himself in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course compares the practice of

p. 187, fn. 27

Scientology with Crowley's magic (185-8), and the eight-pointed Scientology cross bears a very close resemblance to the Rose-Cross lamen that adorns the cards in Crowley's famous Thoth tarot deck; (ii) Hubbard's key symbol for the Thetan or spiritual self ... is identical to the central symbol of Crowley's Sigil of Babalon".

Urban 2012 = Hugh B. Urban : "The Occult Roots of Scientology?" NOVA RELIGIO 15.3:91-116.

pp. 188-9 levels beyond "Clear" : "Operating Thetan"

p. 188

"by the late 1960s, Hubbard added a series of increasingly esoteric levels beyond the Clear state called Operating Thetan (OT), in which one gains deeper knowledge about one's true spiritual nature (Thetan) and the history of the universe. ... While the grades leading up to the Clear state are fairly "exoteric", the higher levels beyond Clear are quite secret and of highly restricted access. ... Although the Church's official map of the

p. 189

Scientologists' progress, the "Bridge to Total Freedom", lists fifteen OT levels,

{cf. the 15 Jaina spiritual levels, and the 15 Psalms of Ascent}

only seven or eight of these ... are currently available to Church members."

pp. 189-90 mythic origin of Thetans (as taught in Scientology's OT III)

p. 189

"this complex narrative tells the story of the intergalactic Emperor Xenu {< Hellenic */xenwo-/ 'foreign'} (or Xemu in some versions) who ruled 75 million years ago and tried to solve the problem of over-population by gathering individuals onto

planet Earth (then called Teegeeack) ...

{"Teegeeack - local dialect "Earth" or Terra - Sun 12, Sector 9" ("ODGGC")}

p. 190

in the Earth volcanoes ..., but their thetans or spirits survived ... and eventually adhered to modern humans like spiritual barnacles. These "extra-body thetans" that adhere to each one of us are a chief cause of the ignorance and suffering that we experience in this life." (Urban 2011, chapter 3)

"ODGGC" = "Official Decree - Galactic Grand Council".

Urban 2011 = Hugh B. Urban : The Church of Scientology. Princeton Univ Pr.

p. 190 illegality of Scientology's claims for the E-meter

"As early as 1963, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had begun to investigate the Church of Scientology, and finally raided its center in Washington, DC, on the grounds that Scientology was making false claims about the benefits of its ... E-meter."

{This illegality was based on the E[lectro-psycho]-meter 's being claimed as a medical prosthetic device, considered by the government infunctional as such and thus fraudulent. If it had been clearly labeled as a strictly religious-ritual device, it would have remained legal.}

pp. 191-2 illegality of activities of Scientology's "Guardian Office"

p. 191

"Formed in 1966 under the directorship of Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, ... the Guardian's Office (GO) ... operated in a variety of intelligence capacities until 1983(currently, a new agency operates under the title of the Office of Special Affairs). In the late 1960s, ... Hubbard also began using a process known as "Security Checks" on members of the Church iself ... . Members were hooked up to the E-meter and asked a series of sensitive questions about their loyalty to the Church, any secrets they might be keeping ... . ...

p. 192

Finally, and perhaps most audaciously, the Church of Scientology undertook efforts to infiltrate government agencies themselves in order to engage in covert operations. The most remarkable of these began in 1975, when the GO planted hidden microphones and undercover agents within the offices of the IRS itself ... .

This was soon followed by a massive FBI raid ... on the Scientology offices ... . In July 1977, the FBI confiscated ... eavesdropping equipment and burglary tools".

{It is illegal for any non-governmental organization to spy on any of the activities of the U.S. government.}

{Did Scientology regard itself as required by the Thetan government of extraterrestrials to spy on agencies of the U.S. government?}

p. 194 aequated with Buddha Maitreya, He^lel (Lucifer) is said to enable the "Marcabian" {Merkabah ('[Divine] Chariot', i.e., flying saucer)} landing

"a key part of the topmost OT VIII materials ... dismisses Jesus as a "[homosexual paidophile] lover of young boys" who was "given to uncontrollable bursts of anger and hatred"; ... it identifies Hubbard both as the future Buddha Maitreya and as Lucifer ... and anti-Christ :

[quoted :] The anti-Christ represents the forces of Lucifer (literally, the "light-bearer" or "light-bringer"). My mission could be said to fulfill the Biblical promise represented by ... Anti-Christ ... . During this period there is ... opportunity ... for

a mass Marcabian landing (Second Coming {of Lucifer?}) to take place."

{It may be that "the Markabian Confederation of 7 planets" ("LNS9") is intended to repraesent the team of 7 horses [whose names are those of the 7 metres of poe:try ("LS") or of bringers of a-mr.ta to A-maravati ("S")] of 7 colors pulling the chariot of the sun-deity (or else of Mitra/Mithras -- "MSESI3").}

"LNS9" = "Latest News in Sector 9".

"LS" = "Lord Surya".

"S" = "S U R Y O P A A K H Y A N A".

"MSESI3" = "Mayurabhanja : the Saura or Early Scythic Influence, Part 3".

Maitreya is expected by the Theosophical Society; He^lel is glorified by Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, and Freemasonry; while the Merkabah is the vehicle of the Qabbalah


II. Popular Culture

10. Hidden Powers

Asbjo,rn Dyrendal


pp. 204-6 potential for harm from falsified vaccines

p. 204

"Rudolph Steiner's comments ... leave ... the 'hidden agenda' behind the plan to vaccinate ... devastating ... spiritual development."

[quoted from Steiner, October 1917 :] "the materialistic bent ... under the guidance of the spirits of darkness ... will ... find a vaccine that

p. 205

will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people's souls".

p. 206

"although "inoculations" are mentioned as part of the materialist conspiracy of evil {i.e., capitalist} powers, Steiner clearly differentiates between existing vaccines against diseases, and those to come, which will be against the spirit."

{Although falsified material vaccines could not actually very well be made spiritually contaminating, yet it is quite possible for deadly disease-bacteria to be introduced by improprely made ones. Thus, the C.I.A. is suspected of having deliberately massacred many membres of the Yanomami tribe through this means.}

p. 208 LaVey's rhetoric about money

"if the love of money is the root of all evil; then we must at least assume ...

This applies to financiers ... and field marshals".

{Yea : this is why the righteous (who vow voluntary poverty) take refuge in hermitage and in convents: namely, in order to evade the world of ungodly financiers.}

p. 208 LaVey's rhetoric about "black arts"

"If effective "black magic" works ..., then it works for anyone."

{Not so! The Siberian practitioners of "dark shamanry" explain that in dreams they travel into a world of perpetual darkness, where the cures for all ailments are to be found. If non-shamans who are lacking in such dreams would wish for such power to function for them, it nevertheless cannot, despite whatever rites they may perform in the waking world.}

That include those who create culture and religion".

p. 210 Discordianism on H.asan i-Sabah. and Adam Weishaupt

"Founded by {H.asan i-Sabah.}, 1090 AD (5090 AL, 4850 AM)

Reformed by Adam Weishaupt 1776 AD (5776 AL, 5536 AM)".

{One feature that these two organizers had in common is that their organizations suddenly declined into nigh-oblivion due to external force exerted on them by hostile governments.}

p. 212 Discordianism as "Zen" paradox

"It becomes, in keeping with founder Kerry Thornley's vision of Discordianism as "an American form of Zen Buddhism", ... taking rationality to extremes of paradox ... generating ... the laughter of sudden, sublime insight." (Cusack 2010)

{The paradox-type is C^>an/Zen, however, is of the nature of Chinese written-character-puns, which (when supplemented with referential literary allusion) are artful literary devices. The cleverness of such punning allusions can easily likewise provoke delighted laughter : where the paradox is the difference in quality between life with and without such pleasant jokery.}

Cusack 2010 = Carole M. Cusack : Invented Religions. Farnham : Ashgate .

pp. 213-14 hybrid reptile-human entities in control of the political world on this planet (according to David Icke)

p. 213

"Icke's books ... serve as narrative critiques of politics ...

all attributed to a hybrid reptile-human ...

{Reptilian deities do become more prominent in oppressive class-ruled societies (e.g., crocodile-god SBK/Cipactli in TL-MRJ and in the Aztec Empire) than had been the case in more primitive cultures.}

from ... [1999, p. 26] "the lower fourth dimension."

{the lower astral plane, which is close to the material plane}

p. 214

[quoted from Icke 1999, pp. 472-3] Humans ... understand their true nature ... .

Only by delinking humanity from this knowledge has it been possible to orchestrate the reptilian-Brotherhood Agenda over thousands of years."

{Class-ruled societies do tend to restrict information concerning the nature and functions of the soul, and have have been doing so for thousands of years.}

Icke 1999 = David Icke : The Biggest Secret. Isle of Wight : David Icke Bks.

p. 215 the ineffective type of escapism is improved into effectiveness by reliance on one's own internal cakra-s

"Icke ... sees New Age as being ignorant of the dark, reptilian forces, calling [1999, p. 486] it "spirtuality as escapism.""

{Much mystical literature is composed without mention of the vicious implications of the praedator (including reptilian)-emblems used by the ruling-class as descriptive of itself; even although such mystical literature may indicate a need to escape from the material[istic] world.}

[quoted from Icke 1999, p. 502 :] "your intellect ... is so vulnerable to programming ... by the daily diet of lies, suppression and misrepresentation in the {news} media ... .

{Deliberately fallacious reasoning is misleadingly employed by capitalist-stooge news-commentators (of whom David Icke himself was one -- for the the BBC, until he quit such employment in disgust with its lack of authenticity).}

But when we feel, we are tapping into our heart centre, our intuition, that connection with the cosmos."

{The ethical sense of to "feel" indignation at the viciousness of the capitalist system is mediated by aisthetic capabilities through the cakra-s (including Anahata at one's heart), deriving from cosmic factors.}

pp. 216-7 Marrs' failure to distinguish between harmful conspiracies (by weapons-manufacturers), and harmless conspiracies (by anti-monarchists)

p. 216

"Starting out from "event conspiracies" like the John F. Kennedy assassination, Marrs broadened out to "UFO cover-ups" ... . ...

{This description-and-evaluation by Marrs is all quite accurate.}

p. 216, p. 81

"Bankers are also presented a secret society (Marrs, Rule by Secrecy, 77), and

{This is essentially true of the major bankers who control the Foederal Reserve Board, and of those who control the International Monetary Fund. It would not be so true of more minor bankers, of course.}

the economy likened to religion."

{It is functioning as if it were an unacknowledged religion of Mammo^n-worship.}

p. 217

"Marrs takes the "information" presented in the Illuminatus! trilogy at face value and buys into their fake sources ... at a lineage back to "the infamous Muslim Assassains"".}

{Marrs, a specialist in recent (20th-century) history, did not adequately study either 18th-century European history, nor mediaeval Muslim history, and is thus in some misunderstanding here. The`is`in ("Assassains") are a Yarsani denomination known for resisting monarchies; and are therefore denounced (much as the Illuminati, a pro-democracy movement, are) by pro-monarchists.}

{Jim Marrs unintentionally managed to do a disservice to promoters of facts about the 1963 Kennedy event and the 1946-onwards flying-saucer manifestations, by mixing accurate information about these, with inaccuracies about histories the 18th-century and earlier. His writing is so muddled about causes of events before the 20th-century as to create unjust suspicions about what he is accurate on.} {On the other hand, the author of this article (A.D.) is apparently well-enough acquainted with antiquity, but perhaps not with the behind-the-scenes causes of current events.}

p. 218 an inaccurate evaluation by Marrs of several liberal historical movements

[quoted from Marrs 2001, p. 199] "Marx's manifesto set forth ten immediate steps ... . They bear a striking similarity to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ... . ... This list is also remarkably similar to the steps ... proposed by the Bavarian Illuminati".

{The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a forgery written and promoted by German military-weapons-manufacterers; and false accusations of Karl Marx (who was actually a United-States-based liberal journalist) are likewise invented by the same German military-weapons-manufacterers; while the Bavarian Illuminati (who were established in 1776 to imitate and promote the United-States-style democracy) are accused by sundry anti-democracy weapon-manufacturers' hireling-propagandists.}

Marrs 2001 = Jim Marrs : Rule by Secrecy. HarperCollins.

p. 219 allegation by Marrs of similarity between the To^rah and TL-MRJ literature

Some rather vague similarities are mentioned (in Marrs 2001, p. 365) between the "10 Commandments" in the To^rah and the TL-MRJ Book of Coming Forth By Day. {Such similarities may possibly be found through cognate or punned words, or through literary expressions or allusions. Proximity in geography and shared political history (Kna<an/Palaistine having been dominated by TL-MRJ during both the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom, and again under the Lagidai) would rendre it highly likely that close similarity would exist in the texts of scriptural literature.} {Traditionally, the "10 Commandments" are said to correlate in sequence with the events of 7 days of the week of Creation (as discussed in LB, pp. 389-80).}

LB = Louis Ginzberg : Legends of the Bible. Konecky & Konecky.

pp. 220-1 secrecy in occult societies

p. 220

"the historical "secret societies" are presented by ... some occultists ... as important loci of hidden traditions wielding unknown power. ... .

{The "hidden traditions" are those praesented in confidence by deities to those societies; while the "unknown power" is that of those deities themselves.}

... initiatory knowledge as revealed through levels of esoteric insight

quickly raises ... lower levels ... left in the dark ... .

{Also lower [uneducated] levels of human society may be to some extent swiftly raised (mainly in oikonomic status, with assistance of labor-unions), yet their misunderstanding of the nature of class-ruled society is so egregious that they are as yet largely "left in the dark" concerning both human political history and the metaphysics of religious philosophy.}

p. 221

"the revelation of "secret knowledge" in conspiracy theory

{e.g., knowledge about how ploutokrat trillionaires secretly conspire together (in clandestine meetings) against those whom they label their "class-enemy" (i.e., the working-class)}

serves to delimit in-group

{those who know of the ploutokrats' capitalist-conspiracy}

from the out-group,

{those who are as-yet-unaware of the capitalist-conspiracy}

aiming in the same stroke to work as an "initiatory" experience regulating the possibility of salvation through disclosure : adopt, and awaken, or reject".

p. 222 detecting clues of the conspiracy

"conspiracy theory is driven by the narrative logic of suspense fiction; the conspiracy must leave clues so that the detective may solve the case. This makes culture into a "Book of Nature" whereby the signature of its conspiratorial authors can be read."

{Not only are all mysticisms and metaphysics thus engrossed in constructing cohaerent systems from available clues; but the same is especially true of the physical sciences, which paramountly view the physical world/universe as a "Book of Nature" to be deciphered and read.}

{All logic (including mathematical logic) can be, and sometimes is, likened to " the narrative logic of suspense fiction".}

p. 222 "fact-fiction reversal"

"We get a hermeneutic where ... The strategy may be simple ... "fact-fiction reversal" noted by Michael Barkun [2003], whereby precisely because something is marked as fiction, it may be deemed legitimate to view it as a masked fact."

{This is especially true of non-capitalist oikonomics and of antique metaphysics, both of which the ruling-class hath marked as fiction : thus, capitalist oikonomists deride realistic descriptions of capitalist exploitation of the working-class as if pure fiction; and pro-capitalist materialists describe as if "futile appeals to the non-existent", occultists' persistent appeals to extraterrestrial divine forces to assist in overthrowing capitalism.}

Barkun 2003 = Michael Barkun : A Culture of Conspiracy. Berkeley : Univ of CA Pr.

pp. 222-4 Rudolph Steiner's discourse & the adamantine self

p. 222

"An esotericist like Steiner is closer to "conventionally" religious conspiracy writers [fn. 109 : "E.g., Des Griffin [1976]".], and his revelations mahy be more easily recognizable as the spiritual gnosis of the

p. 223

mystically enlightened human. ...

In order to break free one must be made aware of how one's agency is being subverted. ... With ... Steiner's ... fears of materialism ... [there] was a repeated concern of how {capitalist-materialist} conspiracy limits agency and commits evil. ... This is one reason why knowledge {gnosis} is given a soteriological status : it ... shows the value given to free agency and a free self. ...

The underlying ideals and/or assumptions about agency and personhood tend towards idealization of

a "diamantine" {adamantine} self with a core

{Vajra-kaya (rDo-rje sKu), the "5th kaya" ("TBINL"), wherein the dead "arose from his funeral pyre" ("VK"). It is by its nature "immutable" (mi->gyur),

separated in essence from persuation and influence {of doctrines}." (Melley 2000, p. 14)

in contrast to [the binder-together of the Tri-kaya triplicity, namely of Dharma- ('doctrine'), Sam-bhoga- ('complete enjoyment'), and Nirman.a-kaya] the Sva-bhavika-kaya ('one's-own becoming', i.e. autometamorphosis), which is the 4th kaya.}

p. 224

"Popular esotericism -- from The Secret ... to more complex introductions to magic(k) ... goes one level further : the diamantine self is a

higher self,

{oversoul (in Rosicrucian terminology)}

above the purely rational ... . It tends to be both "supra-rational" and transpersonal, requiring "initiatory" knowledge in order to become self-aware."

Griffin 1976 = Des Griffin : Fourth Reich of the Rich. South Pasadena (CA) : Emissary Publ.

"TBINL" = "Timeless Body of Infinite Natural Light".

"VK" = "Vajra Kaya".

Melley 2000 = Timothy Melley : Empire of Conspiracy. Ithaca (NY) : Cornell Univ Pr.


Egil Asprem & Kennet Granholm (edd.): Contemporary Esotericism. Equinox Publ Ltd, Sheffield, 2013.