Saints of Esoteric/Occult Orders


Lords of the Left-Hand Path


Varieties of Magical Experience, Pt. IV (7-9) : "Dark" and "Luminous" Magic.

7.0-7.3. "Left-Right Distinction"; "Right-Hand"; "Left- Hand"; "Aleister Crowley".

7.4-7.6. "Thelemic Revelation"; "Magic and the Senses"; "Power of the Name".

7.7-7.8. "Dark Magic"; "Variations within the Left-Hand Path".

8. "Magic and Sexuality".

9.0-9.3. "Ascent and Tendencies"; "Body of Luminance"; "Tarot and Tattva"; "^ki^ Magic".

9.4-9.6. "Dion Fortune"; "Austin Osman Spare"; "Rosaleen Norton".


Occultism in a Global Perspective

1-3. "Introduction"; "Localizing the West"; "Fraternitas Saturni in Germany".

4. "Powers of Darkness in Denmark".

5. "Survey of Occultism in Former Yugoslavia".

6. "Occultism in 20th-Century Italy".

7. "Saavitrii Devii in England & Miguel Serrano in Chile".

8. "Sexual Magic & Gnosis in Colombia".

9. "Occultism in an Islamic Context".

10. "Holy Order of Kr.s.n.a in England".

11. "Transnational Necromancy".

12. "An Australian Original Magical Cosmology".


Contemporary Esotericism

2-3. "Constructing Esotericisms"; "Afrocentric Tradition in America".

4-5. "Anton LaVey"; "Chaos Magick".

6-8. "Occulture is Ordinary"; "From Book to Bit"; "Accessing Virtual Realms".

9-10. "Secrets of Scientology"; "Conspiracy Culture".

11-12. "Esoteric in Saecular Culture"; "Radical Political Esotericism".

13-14. "Paulo Coelho"; "Deep Oikology".

15-16. "The Esoteric in the Public Sphaire"; "Enchantments of the Educated Classes".

17-18. "Indigo Children"; "Health Centre in Sweden".

19-20. "Entheogenic Esotericism"; "Gendre and Esotericism".