Following Our Bliss, IV



Sun Moon



New Age Prophets



Down at the Farm





pp. 192-194 Sun Moon and his Unification Church

p. 192

"Moon was born ... 1920, in Cheong-Ju, a village in what is now North Korea. ... .

... Moon started ... Kwang-ya, which practiced a lively charismatic style ... .

{"Moon ... joined a mystical sect called ... Suo-won. The group ... engaged in a strange sexual ritual called "pikarume," in which ministers purify women through sexual intercourse, the so-called "blessing of the womb."" (DSRMTL&L")}

Moon was soon arrested and imprisoned ...

{"North Korean authorities arrested him twice, apparently on morals charges connected to his sexual rites with young women." ("DSRMTL&L")}

liberated by by United Nations forces in ... 1950. ...

p. 193

Moon founded the Unification Church in Seoul in 1954 ... . ... But ... one of Moon's early disciples ... charged that Moon practiced sex rituals with six married female disciples. ... These sexual rumors began when a group of students and faculty at Ewha University, a woman's school ..., found themselves drawn to Moon's teachings. ... "They dance around in the nude. ..." ...

According to The

p. 194

Divine Principles, the New Testament is merely an "interim textbook," and a new and more scientific revelation is needed today. This ... turns out to be ... the doctrine ... teaching that Zecharyah was the father of both John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth.

The Divine Principles argues that Jesus did not complete his mission because he did not have children ... . ...

{"Jesus failed miserably. He died a lonely death. Reverend Moon is the hero that comes and saves pathetic Jesus." ("DSRMHGB")}

Men and women joined together in the Unification Church allow Moon to select their spouse. They also consummate their marriage in a three-day ritual, complete with prescribed sexual positions."}

complete with prescribed sexual positions."}

{Commonplace in Taoist texts : e.g., "(husband) and ... (wife) ... join ... , the ["sexual"] positions reversed ([Nüjindan Xia Juan] poem 12)." (RhVNT 5.2.2, p. 313)

"DSRMTL&L" = "Dark Side of Rev. Moon : Truth, Legend & Lies"

"DSRMHGB" = "Dark Side of Rev. Moon : Hooking George Bush"

RhVNT = Sara Neswald : Rhetorical Voices in the Neidan Tradition : an Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Niidan Hebian. PhD diss, McGill Univ, Montreal, May 2007.

p. 202 Cloud of Witness {Is this actually the result of some dream or some revery by Sun Moon, wherein he was instructed to praepare such a document?}

"In 2002 Moon's church issued an extraordinary document titled A Cloud of Witness, which purports to be the minutes of a "seminar in the spirit world" that took place on Christmas Day 2001. Among those present were Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, ... Karl Marx ... . They all offer personal testimonies proclaiming Moon to be the new world messiah. The report of this historic gathering ends with a "letter from God" in which the Almighty declares Moon to be "the Savior, Messiah and King of Kings of all of humanity.""

p. 202 Sun Moon's public talks about "free sex" and genitalia

"American women, Moon said ..., have inherited the line of prostitutes. ... American women ... practice free sex because they enjoy it.""

"Sometimes he shocks his audiences by talking about how the husband owns his wife's genitals and vice versa."

pp. 202-203 pro-Unification defections from RomanCatholic hierarchy

p. 202

"Among the more high profile religious leaders to join forces with Moon has been the Roman Catholic archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, a freewheeling African faith healer and exorcist with along history of confrontations with the Vatican. Milingo even married a Korean acupuncturist in one of Moon's mass wedding ceremonies ... . Meanwhile,

p. 203

Moon has courted the African-American community through his association with the Reverend George Stallings, who broke with the Roman Catholic Church in 1989 and later married a Japanese woman in one of Moon's mass weddings."

pp. 203-204 sons of Sun Myung Moon

p. 203

"Moon's former daughter-in-law, Nansook Hong, published a tell-all memoir about her turbulent fourteen-year marriage with the self-proclaimed messiah's eldest son, Hyo Jin Moon. Titled In the Shadow of the Moons, [the memoir] accused the onetime heir to Moon's spiritual empire ... of ... cocaine abuse ... and cavorting with prostitutes. ...

{"Hyo Jin, Moon's eldest son from his current marriage, was treated for a cocaine addiction" ("MB&WBE").} {"Hyo Jin said that in November 1994, he took ... treatment for "my addiction problem." He checked into the Betty Ford Center. ... Hyo Jin also recalled a stay in the Henry Hazelton addiction center in West Palm Beach, Fla." ("DSRMGN")}

Then on October 1999 one of Moon's other sons, Philip Youngjin Moon, twenty-one, committed suicide by jumping from a seventeenth-stor[e]y balcony at Harrah's hotel and casino in Reno, Nevada. ... .

{Was this performed in accord with some occult numerological design decided upon by Sun Moon, determined by some dream or vision?} {With /HaRRaH/ cf. /Ha-Ro>eH/ 'the Seer' or 'the vision' (Strong's 7204).} {With /ReNo/ cf. /Ha-RaN/ (Strong's 1028) 'the rattle' (7439); with /NeVaDa/ cf. /NUD/ 'to shake' (Strong's 5110).} {"The mansin ... shakes her bell rattle ... . Visions appear before her eyes" ("KAH", p. 1).}

p. 204

... Moon is grooming his third eldest male child, Hyun Jin Nim, as his successor."

"MB&WBE" = "Moon's Billions & Washington's Blind Eye"

"DSRMGN" = "Dark Side of Rev. Moon: Generation Next"

"KAH" = Laurel Kendall : "A Korean Approach to Hell".


New Age Prophets


pp. 205-7 spirituality for sale to "cultural creatives"

p. 205

"in the 1980s ... Spirtuality was for sale, and ... Convention halls filled with seekers signing up for seminars promising self-help, spiritual peace ... . ... Back in the 1960s and 1970s, L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology and Werner Erhard's est seminars got us used to the idea ... .

p. 206

... The buyers came to be known as "cultural creatives." ...

p. 207

Until the spring of 2002 one venue was New Age Journal. In that season the magazine ... changed its name to Body and Soul ... . ... There were interviews with the guru de jour. That season it was Eckhart Toolle, who wrote a book called the Power of Now, a kind of Be Here Now for the new millennium."

pp. 207-208 Concourse Exhibition Center

p. 207

"the San Francisco New Age Expo was still rolling along ... around the Concourse Exhibition Center on Brennan Street, a thoroughfare named for one of San Francisco's first spiritual pioneers, Sam Brannan. In 1846 Brannan gathered 250 Mormons together in New York, put them aboard a sailing ship, the Brooklyn,

p. 208

and headed for San Francisco. They doubled the population of ...Yerba Buena, when they arrived. ... .

... it is a great place to heal your inner child, ... experience tantric harmonics, and journey to cellular healing. Those were among the offerings at the New Age Expo, along with aura photography, light therapy ... ."

pp. 209-210 Wayne Dyer

p. 209

"television during PBS pledge weeks ... Wayne Dyer ... likes ... telling me how to get my life together. ... I get a self-help show about "How to Get What I Really, Really, Really, Really Want." ... Chopra and Dyer are ... promoters of spiritual syncretism, taking ... a bit of Rumi, ... the thoughts of Carl Jung, and the wise words of St. Francis ... . ...

p. 210

Dyer has been riding the long wave of pop psychology and New Age spirituality since the 1970s, when he came out with his first mega-selling self-help book, Your Erroneous Zones. There have been a string of books since then with such titles as ... 60 Days to Enlightenment and ... The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want. ... It's the gospel of positive thinking, as American as ... Dale Carnegie , and Norman Vincent Peale."

pp. 211-212 Ramta

p. 211

"Back in the early 1980s ..., Shirley MacLaine wrote a book titled Out on a Limb. It ... propelled ... J. Z. Knight to fortune and fame. J. Z. brought us Ramtha, the thirty-five-thousand-year-old warrior from the lost continent of Lemuria ... . Knight ... says Ramtha first appeared in her Tacoma kitchen ... in 1977. By the end of 1978 Knight says she learned to channel the spirit of the seven-foot-tall warrior. His timeless wisdom was soon embraced by MacLaine and Dynasty diva Linda Evans ... .

p. 212

Ramtha's basic message was a kind of neo-Gnosticism : ...

that the physical world is an illusion and that enlightenment is achieved through various esoteric teachings and spiritual practices."

{This doctrine is more characteristic of Veda-anta (Uttara-Mimamsa) than of historic Gnosticism.}

pp. 213-214 marketing-director for Ramta

p. 213

"Greg Simmons, the marketing director for Ramtha. ... Simmons has quite a story ... :

"... I flew up to Seattle in ... 1982 and went to my first seminar. Just after we flew over Mount St. Helens, it blew up. ...

p. 214

In the Sixties ... I lived in San Francisco and played in a rock 'n' roll band. ... I went to Haight-Ashbury ... . ... In '71-'72 I was in New York, taking S[.]ufi dancing lessons. I was back in San Francisco in 1975 and did the est training. ... I was a conscientious objector and marched in Selma, Alabama, with Martin Luther King.""

pp. 215 & 216 acquisition of celebrity-devotees by cult-founders

p. 215

"Evans .. first hit the big time back in 1965 on the TV series Big Valley. ... Her big comeback was starring in Dynasty, the wildly popular eighties TV show. ... But in a strange foreshadowing ..., her character on Dynasty was named Krystle.

After Dynasty Evans ... moved to Washington {state} to be close to Ramtha. ... Ramtha calls Evans "Star Lady.""

p. 216

"Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, sought celebrity devotees for his movement back in the 1950s and today counts Tom Cruise and John Travolta in his ranks."

pp. 216-9 Church Universal and Triumphant of Mark Prophet & of Elizabeth Clare Wulf

p. 216

""It's the ideology of the nineteen-sixties' counterculture, updated and transformed by the ... events of the eighties," said Carl Raschke, a professor of religious studies at the University of Denver.

Hundreds of members of Prophet's New Age religious sect, the Church

p. 217

Universal and Triumphant, had moved to the church's


{cf. 33 deva-s according to the Veda}

thousand-acre Royal Teton Ranch in the mountains north of Yellowstone National Park. ... Elizabeth Clare Prophet ... looks to Saint-Germaine, ... wonderman who dazzled the courts of eighteenth-century France before his ascension as a heavenly prophet of God. ...

p. 218

Two other precursors of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet were Guy and Edna Ballard. These two Midwestern migrant to California founded the Mighty I AM movement, a Theosophy offshoot ... during the Great Depression. ... Prophet's church uses a meditation chant nearly identical to that of the Mighty I AM movement. Knight's church was incorporated in Washington State as the Church I Am.

Elizabeth Clare ... had been born Elizabeth Clare Wulf in the New Jersey shore community of

Red Bank

{in Navarumsunk (Navesink river-valley)}

on April 8, 1939. ... . ... she joined the headquarters staff at the Church

p. 219

of Christ, Scientist, in Boston ... . At school she met a young Norwegian ..., Dag Ytreberg, who became the first of four husbands."

"Marcus L. Prophet was born on Christmas Eve, 1918, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Prophet was both his actual family name

{the surname apparently denoting memberhood in the Camisard "French prophets"}

and a spiritual status Mark would ultimately claim. ... His divine call, Prophet would later say, came at age eighteen when he ... was contacted by

the ascended master El Morya. ...

{"the Rajput prince El Morya Khan. He retired to the mountain fastness of the Himalayas with his spiritual brothers Koot Hoomi Lal Singh (Kuthumi) and Djwal Khul, to pursue spiritual adeptship" ("WhIEM").}

Often referred to as simply "M"

{via Hellenic "Mu-ism", Skt. (Tantrik) Makara}

by Blavatsky and later Theosophists, Morya would return again and again".

"WhIEM" = "Who is El Morya?"

p. 220 Guy Ballard & Edna Wheeler

"Guy Ballard, born in rural Kansas in 1878, had an early interest in fortune-telling and used that skill after moving to Chicago .... . In 1916 Guy married Edna Wheeler, a concert harpist[ess] who shared his interest in the occult. They moved out to northern California ... to explore the slopes of Mount Shasta, ... home, Ballard believed, of the ascended masters. ... Guy Ballard ... died ... 1939. ... From her new base in Santa Fe {'Holy Faith'}, Edna Ballard pushed on as the acknowledged leader and divine messenger of the ascended masters until her death in Chicago in 1971."

pp. 220-223 divorce in order to remarry; death and inheritance of the I AM movement

p. 220

"According to his widow, Mark Prophet was never a formal member of the I AM movement, although he did join the Rosicrucians and the Self-Realization

p. 221

Fellowship, founded in Los Angeles {'The Angels'} in the 1920s by the late Paramahansa Yogananda. "Mark ... would lecture on how Eastern mysticism relates to Christianity," Elizabeth ... said. "... then he became the amanuensis ... to El Morya." [Elizabeth Clare] acknowledged she read the I AM books five years before she met Mark Prophet ... . ... . ... the couple first met at that Boston discussion group in 1961. Elizabeth sat in rapt attention in the front row as Mark delivered his dictation from the ascended masters. ... . ... Prophet and Wulf were already married {though not to each other} when they had that cosmic encounter. Elizabeth, twenty-two, had recently wedded her Norwegian husband. Mark, forty-two, had a wife and children ... . ... Both marriages soon ended in divorce, and Mark took Elizabeth back to Washington, D.C. ... . ... Elizabeth Clare gradually learned

the technique of putting herself in a trance while remaining conscious, switching back and forth from herself to a channeled entity during lectures. ...

{"This switching back and forth, in and out from the comer of passivity, explains the reason why a spirit medium at times mixes her own ideas in the message communicated by a spirit operator." (Ps-HPh, p. 140).}

In 1966 the couple moved to Colorado Springs ...

p. 222

and the growing {occult society} bought the old Broadmoor mansion in Colorado Springs, renaming it

La Tourelle, or the Tower. ...

{the name of a Tarot-card ("Levin-Stricken Tower")}

Keeping their headquarters at Colorado Springs, the Prophets founded Summit University in Santa Barbara in 1971, where they offered ... courses in the teachings of the ascended masters. ... Decrees, the same


{humming, to invoke divine bee-power etc.}

chants used by the I AM movement, were employed

to change the course of history.

{or rather, to maintain, in international politics, a sweetness similar to that of the honey collected by bees}

In the midst of this fervor, Mark Prophet ... died suddenly, in bed, ... 1973. ... Elizabeth seized {i.e., inherited} control of the organization, and only

nine days

{matching the 9-day cycle of Mayan and Aztec kalendars : the Yucatec Maya worshipping deities -- Hobnil etc. -- of bee-keeping}

after Mark's death she secretly married her third husband, a young sect member named Randall Kosp.


{cf. "Codex Cospi", the name of one of the prae-Hispanic Meso-American codices}

"We became intimate before Mark died," Kosp told the press in 1985 ... .

"... Mark knew. Just before he died, he sat me down and said, 'Now, take good care of Elizabeth. ...'"

{Mark had apparently chosen Kosp for Elizabeth Clare, likely at the command of his divine spirit-guide.}

At Elizabeth's request, Randall changed his name from Kosp to King. ...

{This outward change was done in order to conceal from the uninitiated the name of Codex Cospi. The name "King" was selected evidently in order to honor George KING, founder of the Aetherius Society, and with a secret allusion to KINGsley, debtor-subsidizer of publication of the Meso-American codices.}

[Elizabeth Clare] and her growing sect bought the 218-acre Saint Thomas Aquinas College near Malibu for $5.6 million.

The estate ... was renamed Camelot. ...

{This transformation of the Roman Catholic into the Arthurian is matched by the Kennedy family's similar use of the name "Camelot" : for, though the Kennedy family may feign ostensibly (in order to garner votes) to be Catholic, they are more actually renegades.}

Randall King told of an "investment club" ... where ...

p. 223

donors were brought into a room and told that Saint-Germaine had a secret alchemical project and needed their financial help."

Ps-HPh = P. Pearson : Psycho-Harmonial Philosophy. Harmonial Publ Co, Ponca City (OK), 1910.



Down at the Farm


pp. 226-230 Stephen Gaskin & the heyday of the Farm

p. 226

"Born in Denver in 1935, Gaskin ... became a beatnik, ...

p. 227

in 1964 ... earned his master's degree at San Francisco State College and began teaching creative writing ... . ... His lectures wandered off into mysticism, ... alternative lifestyles, and the ongoing psychedelic revolution, a subject that many of his students chose for their creative writing assignments. ... One of his assignments was for them to write an essay on "what a world redeemer needed to be like to be effective today," and ... His lectures continued off campus and became known as ... Saint Stephen's "tripping instructions." They moved to various venues. Hundreds of stoned seekers followed Gaskin to the Straight Theater on Haight Street, the Oddfellows Hall, and finally out to Playland at the Beach.

Stephen married his third wife, Margaret Nofziger, in 1967. After that he stopped bothering to get divorced before "marrying" again. Like Joseph Smith, the polygamous founder of the Mormon Church, Stephen took Ina May and her lover in a "four marriage," {including Margaret Nofziger} which grew into a "six-marriage" ... . ...

Their odyssey to Tennessee began ... on Columbus Day, 1970, when Stephen and Ina May headed out on a national lecture tour of colleges and liberal churches, joined by a long caravan of two hundred hippies

p. 228

crammed into old school buses, dune buggies, ... and makeshift campers ..., brightly painted in psychedelic patterns ... . They reached Washington, D.C., in January 1971 ... . ... They soon decided to pool their money, buy a thousand acres of cheap land in central Tennessee, and start a commune. ...

p. 229

They got to the Farm in the spring of 1971, landing in the poorest county of rural Tennessee, just thirty-five miles from the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan. They ... arrived in sixty-three converted buses, which many of the new settlers continued to call home. ... But by 1977 the commune had grown in to {into} a functioning experimental community of a thousand men, women, and children. They had their own school, ... cannery, medical clinic, publishing business, and even their own telephone system, Beatnik Bell. They all contributed to a communal treasury, giving them the same tax status as a Catholic monastery. Nobody had to file for taxes ... . But the Farm ... was a spiritual community, forged ... by the bond of shared psychedelic experiences. ... Stephen told me ... "... the double couples were a sort of fallout from LSD. People who tripped together bonded. ..." ...

p. 230

Gaskin would draw from the mystical teachings of various world religions, a synthesis he called "the psychedelic testimony of the saints" ... . ...

Here's how one visitor described a Sunday {why not Saturday (Yhudi) or Friday (Muslim) or Thursday (S.ufi and African) or Wednesday (Hermetic)?} service ... :

[quoted from Robison 1977] "The m of the Om continued for thirty minutes without interruption, the constant hum rose and fell in intensity, and you could pick out unintentional harmonies within the monotonous vibration."

{cf. supra p. 222 :"buzzing chants used by the I AM movement"; and (more identically) how the ""buzzing melodious noise" ... accompanied James Nayler's Christic descent upon Bristol" ("NMB", p. 43).}

Robison 1977 = James Robison : "San Francisco Guru and His ... Farm". SAN FRANCISCO SUNDAY EXAMINER & CHRONICLE Nov 6 1977.

"NMB" = Hugh J. Ormsby-Lennon : "Nature's Mystick Book". In : Marie Mulvey Roberts & Hugh Ormsby-Lennon : Secret Texts : the Literature of Secret Societies. AMS Pr, NY, 1995.

pp. 230-2 redorganization/changeover of the Farm into a virtual ghosttown

p. 230

"Faced with too much debt ..., the Farm stopped being a true commune, where everything was jointly owned. It was reorganized as a collective, in which members had to pay monthly dues, and only the Farm's seventeen hundred acres were held in common.

p. 231

Most people here call those bitter days in 1983 "the changeover." ... Most of the hippies drifted off, but those who remained paid off the debt on the land. By 2002 there were only eighty to ninety voting members in this land-rich, cash-poor enterprise. ...

p. 232

Three decades since its founding, the former commune feels like a ghost town."

pp. 234-5 Rocinante

p. 234

"Gaskin is promoting Rocinante, a retirement camp for aging hippies."

p. 235

"Rocinante is named after Don Quixote's horse".





p. 244 Pat Robertson versus Jesus Christ

"Pat Robertson, the televangelist ..., proclaimed ... that feminism was aspiring women to "leave their husbands, ...

{According to the Eu-angelion, Iesous said that his true disciple "must hate his {or her} own father and mother and wife {or husband} and children and brothers and sisters." (Loukas 14:26)}

practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism ... .""

{As for capitalism, the Iesous adviseth the rich man to "[all] that thou hast, and give to the poor ... : and come follow me. " (Matthaios 19:21)} {Viz., follow into a commune wherein membres have "all things in common", according to the Acts of the Apostoloi 2:44.}

Matthaios 19:21 all that thou hast, give to the poor

Acts 2:44 "all things in common" (communism as advocated in the New Testament)

Don Lattin : Following Our Bliss : How the Spiritual Ideals of the Sixties Shape Our Lives Today. HarperSanFrancisco (a division of HarperCollins Publ), 2003.