Han Xian-zi quan-z^uan

"The complete story of" (p. xv) Han Xian-zi


pp. 391-407 Ė 27. "At Z^uo-wei Hermitage; Caring for an Ox"

pp. 391-393 bringing firewood

p. 391

"Tuizhi lived as a Daoist errand boy on Mount Zhuowei.

p. 392

... the Perfected Man called Tuizhi to ... cut wood ... . Thuizhi ... saw a wooden gate on which was written "Flower Garden of Mount Zhuowei." Tuizhi pushed it open stepped inside. ...

p. 393

At that moment he saw a tiger bounding down the mountain slope. When it jumped at him, ... he heard Xiangzi beating the fisher drum".

pp. 395-396 redunion with his 2 lost servants

p. 395

"One of the wood carriers said, "We are Daoists at the Perfected Man Mumuís hermitage. ..." ...

p. 396

Two others among the group added, "Your face is like that of our master ... Han Yu, the minister of rites ... . ... On the long journey of eight thousand miles, the two of us accompnaied him half of the way ... Then two fierce tigers jumped out of the bushes, carried us off, and dropped us here at Mount Zhuowei. ..." "Are you perhaps Zhang Qian and Li Wan?""

p. 399 words of instruction from the Perfected Man

"When the moon is full, the Jade Buds are born,

As the moon declines, the Golden Flower declines. ...

When you see that the Numinous Turtle

has completely absorbed the Golden Crowís blood,

Make a determined decision

To become a deathless immortal.

There is an iron ox who supports you across the river;

There is a clay horse set loose in the mountains.

There is a stone lion who holds a rope fast between his teeth. ...

There is a clay god who recites essays,

A wooden arhat who chants the Diamond Sutra,

A beauty in a painting who can sing songs.

There is a paper door god

who can perform a war dance with his lance,

And before your eyes a snake swallows an elephant."

pp. 400, 403 instruction by 3 chess-players

p. 400

" "Northeast of here is a mountain called Mount Green Dragon," the Perfected Man said. ... Tuizhi ... set out. ... he suddenly noticed three old men playing chess on a cliff. ... He went up the cliff ... . ...

p. 403

"I asked them what yellow sprouts are," Tuizhi said. "The said they were the root of Heaven and Earth, the purified pneuma of the human body. They taught me how to circulate the pneuma in the four watches, and instructed me about the Eight Trigrams and the Nine Divisions that exist in union outside.""

pp. 403-404 clear explanation from the Perfected Man

p. 403

"If there is Former Heaven, there is the Mother ... . ...

Choose the foundation of Later Heaven;

Refine yourself to seize Former Heaven. {"the saints of old, who have taken heaven by force." (ChS, p. 148)} ...


As Green Dragon and White Tiger struggle with each other,"

p. 404

by __

one accomplisheth __

as __


Flowing backward

the elixir

"the Dragon swallows the Tigerís marrow."


going with the flow

oneís humanity

"the Tiger seizes the Dragonís saliva."


"just feel, the Yellow Maiden is enticing you;

... just wait, the Maiden is opening the lotus. ...


After five thousand days, the mind is firm;

After thirty hours, something moves in the dark.

Only when the primordial Embryo is bathed,

And one has sat facing the wall for nine years,

Will one become an immortal

beyond the clouds on the Isles of the Blessed."

ChS = Thomas Watson : The Christian Soldier. 2nd edn, NY, 1816. http://books.google.com/books?id=XJxHAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA148&lpg=PA148&dq=%22taken+heaven+by+force%22&source=bl&ots=3wuwySn7yP&sig=oNTuMiQcTclk0fX1LE__fMoIOEQ&hl=en&ei=LAzSS5zeLJK-8wTItJ2oDw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CAsQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=%22taken%20heaven%20by%20force%22&f=false

p. 404 the 3-word formula, as taught by the perfected Man

by __

thou __

and becomest __










p. 404 attainment of sudden enlightenment

"When Tuizhi heard the word "coarse," he suddenly comprehended. It was as if a key had opened a lock, as if a switch had been turned on a mechanism. It was a complete awakening.

He said to the Perfected Man, "I have awakened in my mind.""

p. 405 song by the Perfected Man

"I gave you the moon in the sky.

When it is full, the Golden Flower will form itself;

When it wanes, the Red Lead will also wane.

Let the Lovely Maid and the Baby boy be joyful;

Watch the White Snow and the Yellow Sprouts germinate.

I shout {also done in C^<an/Zen}, ...

And become an immortal of the Penglai Isles."

p. 405 internal alchemy practiced by Tui-z^i

"From then on he raised the Dragon and captured the Tiger day and night,

nourished the Mercury and preserved the Lead. And really,

the two pneumata exchanged their places,

the Three Flowers accumulated in the head,

the Dragon coiled around the gate, and

the Tiger wound itself around the drug cauldron.

The lightning flashed that gives life to the self and nourishment to all beings."

p. 405-406 attainment of immortality by ox

p. 405

"Instantly Tuizhi opened the door to the chamber and saw the ox he had been looking after. [p. 399 : Because the Perfected Man had received from Xian-zi an epistle (delivered by an "immortal crane"), Tui-z^i had been assigned the task "to look after this ox. ... its mane was ten feet long and its legs eight feet high."] ... Then he took the sword of wisdom {cf. "sword of spirit, which is the word of God"} that the Perfected Man had given him. ... Tuizhi brought down the sword on the oxís head. {cf. Miao ritual immolation of ox} ...


Then suddenly a ray of white pneuma shot up to the gate of Heaven, startling the Jade Emperor. When with his eyes of wisdom he saw that a white pneuma had struck Heaven from Mount Zhuowei, he dispatched golden lads and jade maidens to summon Zhongli Quan, Lu: Dongbin, and other immortals to welcome Tuizhi."

p. 406

"the ox has also become immortal ... . The nature of dogs is like the nature of oxen ... . The nature of oxen is like the nature of humans. ... it has changed into the utmost Dao, ... become an immortal".

p. 406-407 realization concerning name-characters & concerning eyen-pupils; count of attempts

p. 406

"Then Tuizhi suddenly realized that the two characters zhuowei together made up the character Han, and mumu combined became Xiang.


Looking closely at the Perfected Manís eyes of the Dao, blue and green with square pupils, he ... stepped forward, embraced the Perfect Man".

p. 407

"Counting them off on my fingers, twelve attempts

Before I succeeded in making you change your mind."


pp. 408-419 Ė 28. "On Cheating Mountain; In Ma-guís Hermitage"

pp. 408-409 ascent to heaven; enfeoffment therein

p. 408

"Han Xiangzi summoned a white crane from the sky. Riding on its back, Tuizhi slowly ascended straight to the gate of the Three Heavens, where he met Zhongli Quan, Lu: Dongbin, and other immortals. ...

p. 409

Then immortals carrying a golden decree written in great vermilion characters led him to an audience with the Jade Emperor. ... Tuizhi suddenly became aware of his past and said,

"I was originally the Attendant Great General Chonghezi. Because I ... shattered a crystal cup at the Immortality Peach Banquet, I was banished to the lower world. ... Fortunately my nephew Han Xiang received a commission from Jasper Heaven to ... save me from the entanglements of my human existence. ..."


Immortals from the Three Offices of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity recommended that Han Yu resume his former post as Attendant General. The Jade Emperor approved the submission, and right away enfeoffed Tuizhi as an immortal of the jade realm and had him resume his former position."

pp. 409-412, 414-418 homelessness; women are directed to a female hermitage

p. 409

"Han Qing chose an auspicious day and erected some huts on the beach. ... Thunder and lightning followed in rapid succession, struck the huts, and burned them down completely."

p. 410

"A ram gets its horns entangled in a hedge." {cf. the ram substituted for Yis.h.aq}


"When Mme. Dou saw Master Lu:, she called, "Master, save us!" ...

"On that mountain ahead ... there is the hermitage of a female master {mistress}. ... Go there and stay with her for a time," Master Lu: suggested."

p. 411

"they saw a woodcutter chopping firewood in the dell. ...

p. 412

"This place is called Cheating Mountain and Cheating Valley," he said, pointing. "Only cheating people walk on the cheating road. {cf. "She has ... open places of cheating" (PP, p. 340; PP2, para. 745).} ... There in the southeast, two divine immortals are sitting on top of that cliff. ..." ...

Suddenly they saw two Daoists sitting on top of the rock cliff, before them a tripod cauldron from which the light of a flaming red fire shone forth. ...

p. 414

"We ascetics roam the blue ocean in the morning and stay in Cangwu in the evening," Caihe said. "Within a moment we can fly several thousand miles. ...""

p. 416

" "When Xu Jingyang ascended to Heaven, he took even his chickens and dogs with him," Luying said. "When Wang Lao rose to Heaven, one could still hear the sound of his servants turning the millstone in the sky. ..."

"The people you mention all already had their names inscribed in the registers of immortals Ė thatís why they got delivered," Xiangzi told her. ...

p. 417

Xiangzi gave a laugh and said, "Aunt, Miss, ... you still have the body and bones of ordinary mortals. You canít proceed to the Purple Palace or ascend to the Jasper Pool directly. You first need to go to the hermitage of Magu, the Hemp {marijuana} Maiden, to cultivate and refine yourself for a few years. ... change these mortal bones; only then can you complete the way of perfection, ... and ascend to the Primordial Center. ... Maguís hermitage is in Nanchang Prefecture in Jiangxi, more than eight thousand miles from here ... . When I want to go there, it takes me less than an hour. ..."

p. 418

... Xiangzi ... spread his sleeves, and within a moment two yellow clouds came slowly drifting down. He stopped the clouds, and they touched on the ground ... . Xiangzi then made Mme. Dou and Luying each sit on a cloud ... . The two clouds rose up higher and higher ..., and then they were gone."

PP = John Bunyan : The Pilgrimís Progress. NY, 1844. http://books.google.com/books?id=jyY7AAAAYAAJ&pg=PA340&lpg=PA340&dq=cheating+%22pilgrim's+progress%22&source=bl&ots=W8J3DziAj4&sig=8gvd9b0mV1-iANdUxbjADuVT3ic&hl=en&ei=TPbSS8jVDZDC9QTXspm1Dw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=7&ved=0CBwQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=cheating&f=false

PP2 = http://www.bartleby.com/15/1/208.html

pp. 418-419 sudden emergence of water from cleft in cliff; climbing a tree

p. 418

"Han Qing watched ... as Mme. Dou and Luying flew off on the clouds. ... he saw that a large crack had opened in the cliff, from which a flood of water came surging out. ... Although he crossed two mountains and climbed up a tall tree, when he looked down the water was still rising. Sitting in his tree he said, "There was an ancient who worried that the sky might collapse and the earth fall down, and that from the rupture a mighty river might spurt forth. ... This flood today ... clearly is caused by Heaven and Earth overturning, a kalpic disaster ... .

p. 419

... Iím not the Bird Nest Chan Master. ..." [p. 471, n. 28:4 : "The Bird Nest Chan Master (Niaoke Chanshi ...) was an eccentric ... named Daolin ... (741-824), who made his home in a pine tree."] ... he climbed down from the tree."


Yang Erzeng (trans. by Philip Clart) : The Story of Han Xiangzi. U of WA Pr, Seattle, 2007.