Ioannes Apostolos = Paras`u-Rama

sleeping apostoloi occur in 2 Eu-angelion passages :

Markos 14:36

in the Garden of Gethsemane, all apostoloi, to witness to the yielding by Iesous to accepting being crucified

the witnessing in the Garden of Gethesemane will have been done by the apostoloi in their dreams : they were evidently astrally projecting (“transvection”, the definitive act of witchcraft according to the Holy Inquisition) in order to do the observing.

Ioannes 13:25

Ioannes Apostolos, at the Last Supper, was to ask who is to betray Iesous into being crucified

leaning on” (13:23) – as one might do while sleeping – Iesous, was Ioannes Apostolos – so, was the latter perhaps talking in his sleep when he posed this quaestion?

it is the scene of asking about the crucifixion that is analogous with a scene from the Maha-bharata


Astika (P)

Bidayuh (HTS, p. 312)

Menelawos was wounded in his thigh by Pandaros (Iliad 4); after Pandarus was slain by Turnus (Aeneid 9, 672 sq.), Aeneas wounded in the thigh Turnus the son of Daunus. {With the name /DaUN-/ cf. /marian-DUN-/ tribe in Bithynia, where Christianity was first noticed (by Plinius).}

Parashurama was sleeping with his head resting on Karna's thigh, when a beetle crawled up and bit Karna's thigh, boring into it. In spite of the bleeding and the pain, he neither flinched or uttered a cry so that his teacher could continue his rest.

bad beetles” succeedeth “bloodsucker”, in a list of evil spirits.

[The “black borer beetle” is personified as the hero Bekok (ISh, p. 130)]

{To compare with the waking of Paras`u-Rama, do consider the Kemian vignette of the waking of the people each morning by the sun pushed up from the east by the scarab-god H^PR}

(Ioannes 19:26-7)

Ioannes Apostolos was the only apostolos to attend the crucifixion at Golgotha [where the blood of Iesous trickled down onto the skull of >adam].

However, the blood trickled down, reaching Parashurama and awakening him.”

Iliad 4=

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The Iban name /BeKoK/ may be cognate with /BaQaQ/ ‘pour out’ (Strong’s 1238), if the pouring out of the wine of the eucharist may be pertinent.