Gorgon = Maria Magdalene ;

Heraklees = Barnabas


3 Gorgones snake-haired

by means of her own hair, Maria Magdalene

tusked dragons (cf. Skt. /naga/ ‘elephant, dragon’)

Chinese snake-oil anointing to alleviate pain

christed (anointed) Iesous [in order to render him impervious to pain during his forthcoming crucifixion]

other personages with name /Gorg-/

Quondam king of Epidauros, Gorgophonos found a fragment of the sword used to slay the Gorgon Medousa.

Cephas (Peter) used sword.

Son of Gorge was Andraimon (Andro-haimon ‘human blood’),

The human blood of Stephanos.

whose son Thoas disguised Odusseus.

Andraios (Andrew).

Sister of Gorge was Deianeira, whom Heraklees married at the urging (in the kennel of Kerberos the hell-hound)

Paulos of Binjamin the wolf-tribe.

by the shade of her dead brother Meleagros (GM 134.c, 142.a).

Paulos was formerly named Saulos (S^a>ul, for whom was conjured up the ghost of the dead prophet S^mu^>el).

Kerberos was brought out by Heraklees.

Paulos was accepted by the apostles on account of Barnabas (Acts 9:27).

Heraklees embarked on the Argo, another mariner whereon was Euphemos (GM 148.i, 149.1).

Barnabas encountered Euphemos (ABANF08, p. 494).

Heraklees murdered Iphitos (GM 135.b) : cf. the name /Apheta/ of the street whence started the race betwixt the Danaides women and their prospective bridegrooms (GM 60.m).

At Kourion, a “race was being performed ... in the road near the city, where a multitude of women and men naked were performing the race.” (ANF08, p. 495)

Heraklees was burned to death, due to a cloth (mantle) which he had donned. [cf. Roman custom of cremating corpse within a wrapping of asbestos]

Barnabas : “they burned him with fire, so that even his bones ... they cast ... into a cloth” (ABANF08, p. 495).

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

AB = Acts of Barnabas. http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/anf08.vii.xxvii.html