Music, Witchcraft and the Paranormal

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"Prologue I"

pp. 9-45


"Musical [Spirit-]Mediumship"

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"Paranormal Manifestations of Music"

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"Prologue I"

pp. 9-45

p. 20 superior results by musicians in parapsychology tests

"investigating ESP. Schlitz and Honorton conducted a series of ... experiments at the Mind Science Foundation, San Antonio, Texas ... . Overall, the results were superior to that of the general population with the musicians ... (Schlitz and Honorton, 1992).

Dalton (1997) drew further links between creativity and psi ...using musicians, artists, reative writers and actors. The musicians in particularly scored significantly".

Schlitz & Honorton 1992 = M. J. Schlitz & C. Honorton : "... Psi Performance within an Artistically Gifted Population". J OF THE AMER SOC FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH 86.2 (Apr).

Dalton 1997 = K. Dalton : "Creativity and Psi". PROC OF THE 40TH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL ASSN (Brighton)."

p. 21 mind-at-large

"Henry Bergson ... using his 'filter' theory, ... states that the brain and nervous system function primarily as filters ... which is necessary to the homeostatic condition (Broad, 1953). As a result, ... psychic tendencies remain latent within the unconscious ... .

Aldous Huxley (1963, pp. 23-24) wrote : "According to such a theory ('filter'), each one of us is potentially Mind at Large.

But in so far as we are animals, our business is at all costs to survive.

{We (humans) are "animals" (animate, alive, confined to material bodies in the material plane-of-existence) because we are in possession of a special aptitude for being used by groups of divinities (i.e., by groups of entities residing in subtle planes-of-existence) as intermediaries (usually without our conscious awareness of our being employed as such) in conveying information and messages between and among the subtle planes-of-existence.}

To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funnelled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system. ...

Certain persons,

{psukhikoi & pneumatikoi}

however, seem to be born with a kind of bypass that circumvents the reducing valve.

In others temporary bypasses may be acquired either spontaneously or as a result of deliberate 'spiritual exercises'."

{The temporary exemptions are granted to us( by the divinities controlling our communicative aptitudes), because we are then in the process of learning (largely without conscious awareness of such) further skills in functioning efficiently as intermediaries for conveyance of information and messages among further divine groups and subplanes. [written Sept 20 2014]}

It might be possible that ESP interactions occur more frequently than is generally believed on an unconscious level but that the 'filter' system prevents them from becoming consciously experienced (Kreitler and Kreitler, 1972).

(See Stokes (1987) for a summary of other theories.)"

Broad 1953 = Charlie Dunbar Broad : Religion, Philosophy and Psychical Research. NY : Harcourt, Brace Co.

Huxley 1963 = Aldous Huxley : The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell. NY : Harper & Row.

Kreitler & Kreitler 1972 = H. Kreitler & S. Kreitler : "Does Extrasensory Perception Affect Psychological Experiments?" J OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY 36:1-45.

Stokes 1987 = D. M. Stokes : "Theoretical Parapsychology". In :- Stanley Krippner (ed.) : ADVANCES IN PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH, vol. 5. Jefferson (NC) : McFarland.

p. 37 gendre in psi abilities

"The greatest number of positive results were achieved when mates and females participated together ... . ...

On ... occasions when men were paired and hits were scored, they were close personal friends ... . When the men were [mutual] strangers, the results were all misses." {"All misses" would imply below-random success-rate. Below-random success-rate is also the usual result of doubting the existence of such psychic abilities.}



"Musical Mediumship"

pp. 46-95

p. 47 miraculous se'ance-phainomena (as published in the QUARTERLY J OF SCIENCE Jan 1874)

"Movement of heavy bodies ..., without mechanical exertion.

Percussive and other ... sounds.

Rising of tables and chairs off the ground, without contact with any person.

Levitation of human beings.

Movement of various small articles without contact with any person.

Appearances of hands, ... self-luminous ... .

Direct writing.

Phantom forms and faces."

p. 48 miraculous spirit-music of the Davenport brethren (Ira & William)

[quoted from Campbell-Holms 1925, p. 331] "The musical instruments ... while playing, flew about the room, circling near the ceiling and floor and close to the sitters, who were touched by them".

Campbell 1925 = Archibald Campbell-Holms : The Facts of Psychic Science and Philosophy. London : Keegan Paul, Trench, Tru:bner, & Co.

pp. 49-50 miraculous spirit-music of D. D. Home

p. 49

"A report by Sir William Crookes spoke of a large, well-lit room with a new accordian, bought by him personally ..., enclosed in a wire cage. Home ... caused the instrument to play by itself :

[quoted from Britten 1883, p. 147] "there was first the regular accordian movements and sounds with the instrument suspended from Home's hand; then it was taken out ..., still continuing

p. 50

to play; and finally, after being returned to the cage it was ... moving about with no one touching it."

Britten 1883 = Emma Hardinge Britten : Nineteenth Century Miracles; or, Spirits and Their Work in Every Country of the Earth. William Britten, Manchester; E. W. Allen, London.

pp. 51-2 musical spirit-mediumship of Mettle & of Aubert

p. 51

"Miss Catherine Mettle, ... of ... Hartford, Connecticut ..., ...

p. 52

claimed that the spirits of Mozart, Beethoven, Weber and others "compelled her to commence the most astonishing improvisation ..." (Britten, 1870, p. 203)."

"French musical medium George Aubert ... was ... called by the spirits to play the piano and to everyone's astonishment ... "... we saw plainly that he was 'possessed'" (Annals of Psychic Science, Volume 3, 1906, p. 130). The spirit composer gave his name as Mehul. Aubert ... later played works ... dictated by Chopin, Schumann, Rubinstein, Mozart, Glinka, Liszt, Schubert, and especially Beethoven and Mendelssohn."

[quoted from ANNALS OF PSYCHIC SCIENCE, vol. 3 (1906), p. 131 :] "experiments have been tried with M. George Aubert at the Institut General Psychologique : ... M. Aubert's eyes ... he had to fix ... on a philosophical work placed on the music desk of the piano and to read aloud, slowly and very attentively ..., while his hands were quite unconsciously playing a delicious melody."

Britten 1870 = Emma Hardinge Britten : The History of Modern American Spiritualism. NY.

p. 53 autobiographical account of spirit-music by Emma Hardinge Britten

"Her mother ... was frightened by Emma's ability to predict telepathically which music would be requested. ... It was in New York that she became involved with the Spiritual movement and befriended Leah Underhill (the sister of Margaret and Kate Fox). ... "At times the piano ... was lifted bodily up in the air, obliging me to request the good invisibles ... ." (Britten, 1900, p. 53)

She wrote a cantata called The Song of the Stars ... while she was in an inspired state".

{This name Song of the Stars was later used as title for his book by the divinely-inspired seer Vusamazulu Mutwa.}

Britten 1900 = Emma Hardinge Britten (ed. by Margaret Withinson) : Autobiography. Manchester.

pp. 53-6 musical spirit-mediumship of Jesse Shepard

p. 53

"Jesse Shepard (1849-1927) was ... the finest musical medium of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. His full name was Benjamin Henry Jesse Francis Grierson Shepard and ... born of Scottish/Irish descent ... .

p. 54

... In 1869 whilst attending the theatre in St Louis, a spirit called 'Rachel' came to him ... . ... At the age of twenty-one he made his way to Paris earning his living by demonstrating various psychic skills ... . After consulting various French authorities ..., Shepard ... started to become well known as a musical medium (Wisniewski, 1894). ... He was invited by nobility to perform for them and his patrons included the Queens of Denmark and Hanover, Prince Philip of Bourbon and Braganza, Princess Marie of Hanover and many others (Wisniewski, 1894). ... He was ... able to give addresses in trance in English, French, German, Latin, Greek, Chaldean and Arabic and during a se'ance at the Hague, Holland in 1907 ... direct voices were heard speaking through him in Dutch, Sundanese (a Javanese dialect) and Mandarin Chinese (Shepard, 1984). However, ... in musical matter ... he truly excelled, ... possessed by the spirits of Mozart, Beethoven, Meyerbeer, Rossini, Sontag, Persiani, Malibran, Lablache, Liszt, Berlioz and Chopin. A report documenting his piano playing at a se'ance in Paris on September 3rd 1893 was written by Prince Adam Wisniewski [1894, p. 86] :

p. 55

"... we saw lights appearing at every corner of the room. The first piece played through Shepard was a fantasia of Thalberg's on the air from 'Semiramide'. This is unpublished, as is all of the music which is played by the spirits through Shepard. ... Notwithstanding ..., the harmony was admirable, and such as no one present had ever known paralleled ... . In the circle were musicians who, like me, had heard the greatest pianists in Europe; but we can say that we never heard such truly super-natural executions." Professor J. Niclassen, ... of the Fremdenblatt of Hamburg, spoke of his ... : "

p. 56

... the most extraordinary manifestations in the realm of music." (cited in Campbell Holms, 1925, p. 239)

Professor M. Bernardin Rahn, a distinguished music theorist, also spoke highly of Shepard's music ... . ...

In 1907 after his great successes ..., he settled in London, changing his name to Francis Grierson, and ... devoting himself to writing

essays and books on philosophy and mysticism."

{These included an autobiography, The Valley of Shadows (1909); a collection of magazine-articles by him, The Humour of the Underman, and Other Essays (1911); and the frequently-reprinted Modern Mysticism, and Other Essays (1899).}

Wisniewski 1894 = Prince A. Wisniewski , in THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT, April 28th. London.

Shepard 1984 = Leslie A. Shepard : Encyclopaedia of Occultism and Parapsychology. 2nd edn. Detroit : Gale Research Co.

{This multi-lingual-spirit-possessed spirit-mediumship may have been abetted by his lasting association with a multi-language instructor, Lawrence W. Tonner, who ("HPSJSh") "supposedly spoke all the major European languages."

Jesse Shepard supposedly "died at the piano, upright" ("HAFG") : but, because a person cannot after dying remain sitting upright at a piano bench (with no back to it), it is evident that he was in a catatonic trance induced by possessing-spirits (I have sometime slept sitting upright similarly on a table with no back to it, but I was apparently helped at this by spirits whom I had just been discussing minutes before over the telephone with the local Eckankar organizer); and most probable that he was still alive in that trance when his body was cremated the next day.}

"HPSJSh" = "A History of pianist, Spiritualist Jesse Shepard".

"HAFG" = "A History of author “Francis Grierson”".

p. 56 musician spirit-guides of Piper & of Moses

"the medium Mrs Leonora Piper ... claimed J. S. Bach to be one of her spirit guides.

Another nineteenth-century medium, William Stainton Moses, who received spirit messages through automatic writing, was given one such script from Mendelssohn, complete with an 'authentic' signature ([Smyth & Stemman 1981])."

Smyth & Stemman 1981 = F. Smyth & R. Stemman : Mysteries of the Afterlife. London : BCA."

pp. 56-7 autobiographical account of spirit-mediumship by Florizel von Reuter

p. 56

"Florizel von Reuter was born in the USA ... and ... (von Reuter, 1928, p. 7) ... wrote three operas ... . [At] the age of thirty ..., whilst attending a se'ance ..., the spirit of Paganini manifested itself to him ...[,] later ... directing his violin bow. Through a

p. 57

different medium the spirit of Sarasate, the famous Spanish ... composer, made contact and von Reuter's mother also started to receive messages. ... Von Reuter's mother found very many messages were spelled out through a number of different languages ... . ... the messages were were often inverted with the words spelled out backwards ... . The main communicator at these se'ances was Paganini. However, spirits of less well known musicians also made contact, including Professor Heinrich Barth of the Berlin ... School of Music, who gave details of his life which von Reuter later found to be true. His other spirit contacts included Tartini, Locatelli, ... Lipinski, ... Baillot, ... Joachim, Herold, Lalo, Reger, Korsakov and Grieg.

The seventeen century Italian composer A. Stradella communicated a ... poem :

"Music is the soul of the world.

Music is joy. ...

Music is the speech of God,

The voice of nature ... ." (von Reuter, 1928, p. 92) ...

Bulow was ... kindly towards Reger whom he referred to as being "holy" and to Bach whom he described as "God" (von Reuter, 1931, pp. 155-6). ... the spirits mainly passed on philosophical statements and abstract comments about the afterlife".

von Reuter 1928 = Florizel von Reuter : Psychic Experiences of a Musician. London : Simpkin.

von Reuter 1931 = Florizel von Reuter : A Musician Talks with Unseen Friends. London : Rider & Co.

pp. 58-60 autobiographical account of spirit-mediumship by Charles Tweedale (together with that of Tweedale's wife and daughter)

p. 58

"the Yorkshire vicar Charles Tweedale. Contact was ... made with him by the great violin maker Stradivarius ... .

p. 59

... Similarly to von Reuter's communications, much of what was provided took the form of ... philosophical discourses. A poem ... was reported to have come from Stradivarius :

"Mendelssohn beams all over his face ... .

Chopin walks with glee ... .

Handel, dear soul, fills us all with awe ... ." (Tweedale, 1940, p. 83) ...

Tweedale's wife seemed to warrant regular attention from Stradivarius and he ... even signed his signature through her. ... she was also visited whilst she slept at night by the spirit of A. Patti ..., who caused her to sing in Italian beyond her normal capacity.

p. 60

Stradivarius introduced the spirit of Chopin into the family circle in 1930 who seemed particularly attracted to Tweedale's daughter ... . Scripts written in trance and ... dictated by Stradivarius and Chopin showed markedly different styles according to which composer was communicating."

Tweedale 1940 = Charles Tweedale : News from the Next World. London : Werner Laurier.

pp. 60-1 unpublished musical-score manuscripts by famous musicians which were found through advice received by means of the spirit-mediumship of Jelly d'Aranyi

p. 60

"Jelly d'Aranyi 1895-1966 who was born in Budapest, Hungary, ... was the grand niece of Joachim. ... she received advice from the spirit world concerning ... Bach's Sonata in E minor which contradicted the David edition ... . ... She was also told to look at Bach's original but ... the Royal College of Music (RCM) eventually provided her with a small volume of Bach's works ... that contained the sonata where she had been informed it would be found. ... the work differed from the David edition in the ways of which the ... spirit had spoken (Palmstierna, 1937). ... . ... the Royal College of Music ... archivist ... came to the conclusion that she

p. 61

probably used the Bach Gesellschaft edition, band 43, dated 1894. ... In March 1933 she was contacted by the spirit of Robert Schumann via a ouija board and informed that she should find ... a posthumous work [of his] ... (Palmstierna, 1937, p. 351). ... On another occasion the spirit of Joachim suggested the manuscript might be ... in Berlin and he spoke of Schumann['s] having shown him the work in Weimar. A friend of Jelly, Baron Palmstierna, the Swedish Minister {consul?} in London, travelled to Berlin and eventually found the ... Concerto ... in the archives of the Preussische Staatsbibliotek. He was told that Schumann's daughter had forbidden the publication of the work and that it was unfinished. ... The depositor of the concerto, Johannes Joachim (Joseph Joachim's son), wanted the concerto to remain unseen until the hundredth anniversary of Schumann's death ... . He eventually agreed to Jelly['s] having a copy ... . ... Tovey was convinced of spiritual intervention in this matter and wrote to The Times : "I assert my positive conviction that the spirit of Schumann is inspiring Jelly d'Aranyi ..." (cited in Psychic News, 5 April 1969)."

Palmstierna 1937 = Erik Palmstierna : Horizons of Immortality. London : Constable & Co. {Mrs. Alexander Fachiri (Adila Fachiri, the violinist) was Palmstierna's informant or co-author.}

pp. 63-4 assertions by famous composers of music, as to the divine origin of such

p. 63

"Brahms ... stated : "Straight away the ideas flow in upon me, direct from God ..." (... Klimo 1987, p. 314).

Puccini spoke of Madame Butterfly : "The music of this opera was dictated to me by God ..." (... Abell 1955, p. 117).

Strauss believed his 'divine gift' to be a "mandate from God" (... Abell 1955, p. 100). ...

Puccini revealed : "It is a supernatural

p. 64

influence with qualifies me to receive Divine truths" (... Abell 1955, p. 116).

and Humperdinck quoted Wagner as saying "... there are universal currents of Divine Thought vibrating the ether everywhere and ... anyone who can feel those vibrations is inspired, provided he is conscious of the process ..." (... Abell 1955, p. 137)."

Klimo 1987 = Jon Klimo : Channeling : ... Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources. Los Angeles : J.P. Tarcher; NY : distributed by St Martin's Pr.

Abell 1955 = Arthur M. Abell : Talks with Great Composers : Disclosures ... concerning their ... Spiritual Experiences while Composing. Garmisch-Partenkirchen : G.E. Schroeder Verlag; NY : Philosophical Library.

p. 64 assertions by famous composers of music, as to the dream-origin of their music

"Bruch wrote : "My most beautiful melodies have come to me in dreams" (... Abell 1955, p. 144)

and Berlioz ... : "I dreamed one night that I was composing a symphony and heard it in my dreams. On waking the next morning I could recall ... the movement ..." (... Henson, 1977, pp. 241-242).

Possibly the most famous story about a dream conveying a piece of music concerns the composition of the Devil's Trill Sonata by the famous eighteenth-century violinist/composer Tartini. He was reputed in his dream to have made a Faustian pact with the Devil who played the violin to him : [chapter "Power of Dreams" in Bradbury 1981, p. 224] "How great was my astonishment when I heard him play with such consummate skill a sonata of such exquisite beauty as surpassed the boldest flights of my imagination. I tried to retain the sounds I had heard. ..."" {also quoted in Krippner et al. 2002, p. 25 -- cited in Morgan 2011, p. 30}

Henson 1977 = R. A. Henson : "The Language of Music". In :- Macdonald Critchley & R. A. Henson (edd.) : Music and the Brain. London : Heinemann Medical Bks; Springfield (IL) : C.C. Thomas.

Bradbury 1981 = Wilbur Bradbury (ed.) : Into the Unknown. Readers' Digest Assn, 1981. (cited as "1971" on p. 65) (with title imitated from book of the same name by Ray Bradbury, 1973? )

Morgan 2011 = Angel K. Morgan : Investigating Experienced Links Between Dreams and Creativity ... . PhD diss, Saybrook Univ, San Francisco.

p. 65 assertions by famous composers of music, as to their being divinely inspired (mad, chosen by it, being used) during composing of music

"Tchaikovsky ... said : "I forget everything and behave like a madman. Everything within me starts pulsating and quivering" (... Klimo, 1987, p. 314). ...

Mahler ... claimed : "I don't choose what I compose : It chooses me" (ibid.)

and in similar fashion Rudolf Friml, the operetta composer, described himself as not composing but being used (ibid.). ...

Gershwin stated that whilst riding on a train he suddenly heard and even "saw on paper the complete construction of the Rhapsody [in Blue] from beginning to end" (ibid.)."

pp. 66-9 private communications (to the author) from contemporary composers of music, stating a divine origin of such

p. 66

"Jonathan Harvey spoke of relying on dreams ... for ideas and wrote : "I meditate twice daily" ...

and similarly Stephen Dodgson wrote : "... I actually believe in inspiration, and that I suppose is paranormality in action" ... .

John Tavener ... I asked ... whether his spiritual music came from within or was it from an exernal source. ... he answered ... that he thought it came from an external source ... . ...

The concert pianist John Lill ... has also spoken of his contact with the spirit of Beethoven ... . (The contemporary American composer Virgil Fox ... saw the spirit of Liszt and received telepathic communication from him ... ( Klimo, 1987).) ...

p. 67

He was in contact with many relatives, composers and other people who had passed over {died} and held in-depth conversations with them. He asked many questions and accurate answers were given, which he verified in encyclopedias. ... He also received poetry, literature and messages in foreign languages and a great sense of humour was conveyed. ...

p. 68

Lill also talked very lucidly on general spiritual natters and he explained that his words and views came to him from the spiritual dimension."

pp. 69-70 musical spirit-mediumship of Harms & of Enticknap

p. 69

"Mrs Karin Harms of Copenhagen claimed to be receiving original Chopin works and held concerts in Denmark to promote this music. ... (Kenner, 1973) ... .

... Clifford Enticknap ... believed that he was a channel for Handel's music. He claimed that their relationship

p. 70

developed on Atlantis where Handel was known as a great teacher called Joseph Arkos and that prior to his he was on the planet Jupiter with some other 'great' composers. (... his {viz., his channeled spirit's} vocabulary used words from Handel's pasticcio of 1739 entitled Jupiter in Argos.) ... Enticknap has written a four and a half hour oratorio entitled Beyond the Veil, of which

seventy three minutes

{73 being a favorite number employed by Taoist mystic numerologists}

have been recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and the Ambrosian Chorus ... ('Spirits from the Past', BBC television August 12th 1980).

Kenner 1973 = J. Kenner : "Talking to Chopin". SCANORAMA, March 1973.

p. 74 spirits channeling Rosemary Brown

"In addition to music she received

long philosophical explanations of the spirit world from Bertrand Russell;

essays for musicians by Sir Donald Tovey;

two plays : ... The Heavenly Maze from G. B. Shaw;

psychology from Jung;

paintings from Debussy, etc."

p. 74 autobiographical description of praeternatural entities viewed by Rosemary Brown

""in a final section of her book Look Beyond Today (1986) she gives details of the fairies that apparently inhabit {or visit} her garden; twenty-foot tall angels and little green men."

p. 75 Rosemary Brown's taking of dictation from the spirit-world

"Vernon Harrison, a member of the Liszt Society and the SPR, ... was especially impressed with the Liszt item 'Grubelei' which was partly dictated ... in the presence of a BBC television crew filming Mrs Brown and the Composers. The producer Peter Dorling spoke of her "muttering away" whilst taking down the music in what appeared to be literal dictation."

pp. 75-6 musical experts' confirmation of the praeternatural origin of the music divinely revealed to Rosemary Brown

p. 75

"Stan Kelly's ... analysis of her music in comparison to known compositions produced positive results. ... Perhaps of most importance to the acceptance of Brown's music has been the endorsement given by leading professional musicians of the twentieth century. These have included Hephzibah Menuhin ...; Leonard Bernstein

p. 76

who was particularly impressed with her Fantaisie Impromptu from Chopin; and Humphrey Searle who praised the Moment Musical in G minor from Schubert. ... Robin Stone and Howard Shelley have played her music, the latter stating her 'Schubert' contained the composer's 'essence'. Derek Watson was impressed with her ... Bruckner whom she saw clairvoyantly ... . Two of Brown's most creditable allies are the pianist John Lill and Ian Parrott the Professor of Music, University College of Wales who has written a book about her music (Parrott, 1978)."

Parrott 1978 = Ian Parrott : The Music of Rosemary Brown. London : Regency Pr.

pp. 79-81 communications by the author with musical spirit-media

p. 79

"the Spiritual National Union and the Institute of Spiritualistic Mediums, proved to be most helpful. The Society for Psychical Research and the College for Psychic Studies were extremely helpful in providing further contacts.

A questionnaire was devised ... to incorporate musical aspects of any ... mediumship. ...

p. 80

The aim of the questionnaire was ... to ascertain ... any trends and similarities ... among the people ... receiving music from the spirit world. ...

p. 81

Clairvoyance, clairaudience or similar skills were claimed by all the participants ... . For instance, one referred to her power as 'seership' ... . Another explained, at length, his belief in 'worlds within worlds' meaning the co-existence {existential co-extensivity} of physical and spiritual planes. ...

Two singers spoke of a 'buzz' of nervous energy indicating the presence of spirit but there was unanimity amongst the participants in agreeing that an external force, for which most used the word 'spirit', was guiding them and providing proof of the continuation of the spirit or soul after physical death. They believed that the music that was being dictated to them, or the guidance and influence on their performances was providing tangible evidence of this."

pp. 81-2 H., in PSYCHIC NEWS 1994

p. 81

"lady ... H. ... was brought to ... notice via the December 24th 1994 issue of Psychic News, page 5, ... concerning H.'s musical mediumship ... . ...

p. 82

H. ... about 1991 ... heard a voice telling her that she would be given music and the voice identified itself as Jerome Kerne. Two days later the spirit of Tchaikovsky appeared saying "I long to bring my music back" and then Gershwin also made contact."

pp. 83-5 L., in PSYCHIC NEWS 1994 & 1996

p. 83

"a man ... L. ... stated that mediums had seen the spirit of Caruso and Mario Lanza standing beside him ... . This led to ... the making of a joint television documentary about his claims for a Dutch television company (Tenfold). ... The opulence of his manorial abode was very impressive and I was made to feel very

p. 84

welcome ... . L. ... possesses a good sense of humour and a flamboyant appearance. ... .

p. 85

... L. agreed to sing for me ... . He ... sang ... but ... produced an immensely powerful sound ..., since he was being joined by Caruso and Lanza. Soon ... I arranged for him to sing at Stansted Hall in Essex for a group of mediums and Spiritualists ... . The assembled company sensed several spirit presences, of which Gigli and Lanza were the most prominent. ... Caruso's name was stated ... .

Since this time, L. has appeared on The Paranormal World of Paul McKenna, The Magic and Mystery Show and other popular television shows. Articles have been written in Psychic News (April 23rd 1994 and March 30th 1996) at his request."

pp. 87-8 G., in PSYCHIC NEWS 1981 & 1986

p. 87

"a lady, ... G. ... was being helped and inspired by Igor Novello. ... G. also mentioned sittings with a Nottingham-based medium (Lee Lacy). He had been instrumental in

p. 88

introducing the ... spirit contacts to her ... . ... I was impressed by her knowledge of music ..., and she later sent me a copy of ... an article she had written for the magazine Here and There dated November 1990 ... . ... Psychic News dated September 26th 1981 and April 26th 1986 ... contained articles on G.'s musical mediumship."

pp. 89-90 M., on spirit-moved furnishings at the stated abode of a musical spirit-guide (PSYCHIC NEWS March 23 1996)

p. 89

""In asking her about [dead music-composer] Arnold Bax, she [female clerk of ho^tel (White House Inn) in Storrington, Essex] told me [M.] about her room and how it had such a "live" atmosphere with furniture being mysteriously moved {praesumably by the ghost of Arnold Bax} from time to time ... ." ...

p. 90

Whilst having a bath he claimed to have seen the repeated impression of a Bax-like figure standing over him and he could not sleep that night because of "an almost flashing energy which made the air literally mobile". ... M. spoke of receiving clairaudient instructions about parts of the music ... ."

pp. 92-3 T., on direct & indirect methods for receiving music from the spirits

p. 92

"His experiences included poltergeist manifestations, astral projection, clairaudience and clairvoyance but ... wrote of contact with spirits being achieved in two different ways -- direct and indirect. ...

"The direct form ... can only arise when I have risen to full consciousness from the sleep state but not moved my body, nor opened my eyes. ... one hears the music clairaudiently. One hears ... the flow of

p. 93

the music, the tone of the instrument(s), exactly as clearly as if the music were being played there in the room." ...

"The indirect mode ... However, ... is the only regular way of maintaining collaboration with a [praeternatural music-]composer. ... Often one gets the outline first, the substance being added later. I usually begin by knowing the genre of the piece, perhaps its title and the name of the [praeternatural music-]composer who is providing the tuition.""


Melvyn J. Willin : Music, Witchcraft and the Paranormal. Melrose Bks, Ely (Cambridgeshire), 2005.