RENAISSANCE (Rosicrucian, Freemasonic, etc.)


Secret Texts

0-1. "Introduction"; "Alchemical Art and the Renaissance Emblem".

2. "Nature Mystick Book : Renaissance Arcanum".

3. "Science, Magic, and Freemasonry : Swift's Secret Texts".

4. "Yeats and the "Unknown Superiors"".

5-7. "Masonic Conspiracy"; "Illuminati"; "The Bronte:-s".

8-9. "Pe'ladan"; "Orlick's Hammers and Pip's 3rd Degree".

10-12. "Acts of Companions"; "Golden Dawn"; "Kipling".



Dark Muse

1-2. "Enlightenment Occultism"; "Romantic Occultism".

3-5. "S`aat.aanic Occultism"; "Fin de Sie`cle Occultism"; "Modernist Occultist".