Teachings and Practices of the Early Quan-z^en Taoist Masters, 4


4. (pp. 57-94) "Cultivating Health and Longevity".

p. 66 divine site within one’s body

[quoted from Da-dan Z^i-z^i 1/2a-b] "within the body is ...

the Central Palace,

the Mansion of Life,

the Spiritual Room of Primordial Chaos,

the Yellow Court,

the Elixir Field,

the Cavity of Spirit and Qi,

the Orifice for Returning One’s Roots,

the Passage for Restoring One’s Life, ...

the Cavity of 100 Meetings".

pp. 69-70 "the merit of true purity and stillness"

p. 69

"According to the treatises, as for those who are truly pure and still,

inside their eyes are no

p. 70


inside their noses is no phlegm,

inside their mouths is no saliva".

{In the expression "have no outflows", ‘outflows’ is [Pali] /asava/ = [Samskr.ta] /as`rava/. "Translated literally, asava means ... 'that which pickles or festers,' because these things 'pickle' or poison the mind." ("The Nature of Defilements" http://www.buddhanet.net/cmdsg/coarise6.htm)} {"The Buddhists borrowed the term from the Jains" (Dan Lusthaus : Buddhist Phenomenology. RoutledgeCurzon, London, 2002. p. 126 http://books.google.com/books?id=IeiwsT-XqwQC&pg=PA126&lpg=PA126&dq= )}

pp. 73-4 how a young woman became an Immortaless

p. 73

[according to C^un-yan Di-jun S^en-hua Miao-ton Ji 7/11b-12a (story #106)] "a sixteen-year-old girl ... hid herself in Mt. Siming (located in Zhejiang Province). There she became lost and ... found a chestnut on the ground. As soon as she had picked it up and eaten it, there appeared before her an old man with shiny blue eyes, whose whiskers and eyebrows drooped down to the ground. The old man ... said, "I have already slain the Red Dragon ["the menstrual cycle" (p. 74)] for you. ..." The old man then transmitted "the profound meanings" to her. ...

p. 74

After she ate it, "... She no longer menstruated ... ." The girl went on to become the Realized Woman Guan."

p. 76 [according to Ti-xuan Z^en-ren Xian-yi Lu (DT589/TT329) "The Record of Real Man Tixuan’s Manifestations of His Extraordinariness"] disease-causing spirits resident in ritual objects are overcome by destroying those objects; untoward effect of eating ritual food

[1b-2a] "Wang Chuyi cured him by destroying an animal-shaped roof tile whose resident spirit had been causing the disease.

{Is this referring to some local cult of worshipping roof-tiles as idols of deities?}

[1a-b] In Laiyang (... in Shandong), he ... healed the wife of an innkeeper by making the innkeeper and his wife burn one of the figurines on their Buddha altar that had been causing the disease. ...

{An implication may be that ownership of Buddhist figurines can cause sickness in a Taoist devotee.}

[11a-b] On another occasion, Wang Chuyi resurrects a certain Lady Li who had died suddenly after eating dog meat during a sacred Taoist ritual (jiao)."

{Because eating hound-meat is a regular feature of some Vajra-yana rituals (from erotizing tantra-s), an implication may be that combining features from erotic ritual with orthodox Quan-z^en rites can cause unconsciousness in Quan-z^en devotees.}

pp. 76-7 effect of "muddy fluid" is cured with onions-&-vinegar [quoted from Don-xuan Jin-yu Ji 8/15b-16a]

p. 76

"I (Ma Yu) ... arrived at Huating ... . By accident I became poisoned by a fiery poison inside some muddy fluid, vomited blood, and was afflicted with a coughing disease. [p. 223, n. 4:72 "the term fiery poison ... seems to refer to intense, feverish sensations in the body that are caused by breath-holding exercises." (vide "NMChP9ST") "the meaning of the term muddy fluid (tujin) needs to be reconsidered".] ...

{The term "muddy fluid" may refer to some psychedelic drug affecting the brain (‘the brain’ regularly being designated ‘mudball’ /ni-wan/).}

p. 77

[The friends of the Tao] said to me, "You must eat raw onions and strong vinegar in order to antidote the poison.""

{The effect of which psychedelic drug is lessened by onions-&-vinegar?}

"NMChP9ST" = Stephen Eskildsen : "Neidan Master Chen Pu’s None Stages of Transformation". MONUMENTA SERICA 49 (2001):1-31.

pp. 77, 223-4 n. 4:74 how Wan C^u-yi survived the z^en-bird

p. 77

"Wang Chuyi was immune to poison and ... he survived even after imbibing ... the deadly poison of the zhen bird."


"There is the Method of the Golden Whip and Ring."

{"And the woman in the green mantle approached him, and she laughed a laugh at him, and she gave him a stroke with a horsewhip." ("SBC")}

p. 223, n. 4:74

"The zhen has a long, black neck and a red beak, and it resembles the secretary falcon in appearance. A deadly potion could be made by steeping its wings ... .

{Cu` chulainn "saw two birds flying over the lake, linked together by a chain of red gold." Cu`chulainn’s "spear went through the shield of the wing of one of the birds". ("SBC")}


The most detailed account ... is found in Yao Sui, "Yuyang tixuan guangdu zhenren Wang zongshi daoxing bei bing xu," in Daojia jinshi lu:e, pp. 718-19. ... Wang Chuyi, before departing to the house ..., told the disciples at his monastery to dig a pit and fill it with water. At the home ..., Wang Chuyi drank ... . ...

p. 224, n. 4:74

Upon returning to his monastery, Wang Chuyi took off his clothes and jumped into the pond that his disciples had prepared. The water soon started to boil rapidly, and

{As for Cu` Chulainn, "The first vat into which he goeth shall boil over." "SBC"}


all of Wang Chuyi’s hair fell out." (Jin-lian Z^en-z^on Xian-yuan Xian-z^uan 37b)

{Cu` Chulainn’s first teacher, Domnall, was bald (SAL, p. 261).} {Lukophron : Alexandra 33-7 & 468-78 "mention the hair loss that Herakles suffers from the heat" (FTBFT, p. 74). [The source of this heat is ascribed by Lukophron to a shark, karkharos kuon (N&Q Sept 6, 1851, p. 179b).]}

"S-BC" = "The Sick-Bed of Cuchulain" http://www.luminarium.org/mythology/ireland/cuchulainnsick.htm

SAL = Sir John Rhy^s : Studies in the Arthurian Legend. Oxford : Clarendon Pr, 1891. http://books.google.com/books?id=n8dkAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA261&lpg=PA261&dq=

FTBFT = Jan M. Ziolkowski : Fairy Tales from Before Fairy Tales. U of MI Pr, 2007. http://books.google.com/books?id=mJ12yPfBL4IC&pg=PA74&lpg=PA74&dq=

N&Q = NOTES AND QUERIES http://books.google.com/books?id=DuX6reRuEaMC&pg=PA179&lpg=PA179&dq=

p. 77 methods for curing ailments [quoted from C^on-yan Z^en-ren Jin-guan Yu-suo Jue 22a]

"for each illness there is a method of true merit (exercise) for curing it to which [the disease] naturally responds."

There is the Method of __.

"Greatly Refining and Returning the Elixir in Nine Cycles"

"the Yellow Sprouts and the Holes in the Knees"

"Shooting the Nine-Layered Iron Drum"

"the Prince Travelling to the Four Gates"

"the Golden Whip and Ring"

"the Bulrush Straw Holes in the Knees"

"Xuanyuan’s (the Yellow Emperor) ... Treading Fire"

"the Jade Girls Massaging the Body"

"Zhongli [Quan]’s ... Sword on the Back"

"Venerable Lu: [Yan]’s ... Angling Fish"

"Chen Xiyi’s ... Great Slumber"

pp. 78-9 dragon-&-tigre of internal alchemy

p. 78

[according to C^on-yan Z^en-ren Jin-guan Yu-suo Jue 17b] "the adept ... causes the qi of the "dragon" (liver) and "tiger" (lungs) to come together."


the __’s qi

(namely, the __)

goeth through the __










"before the adept brings them together at his spleen (Elixir Field)."


[according to Da-dan Z^i-z^i 1/6b-7a] "visualizing the "Central Palace" (Elixir Field), the adept brings air into the Elixir Field ... . ...

p. 79

The air eventually finds its way to the tailbone. There it enters the spine (through a hole believed to exist there) and rises up into the head and out the nose. ...

Real qi (the tiger) from the kidneys would rise up, and liquid (the dragon) from the heart ... would come down; then the two would "copulate" in the Elixir Field. Through this internal "sexual intercourse" ... an "embryo ... . Then, ... to eventually give birth to an eternal Radiant Spirit."

"by visualizing the Elixir Field, the hot qi from the heart is ... made to descend into it. Eventually this causes the medicine (... by ... "the Copulation of the Dragon and Tiger") to boil over and spurt up the spine and up into the brain. During this process, the body of the adept is supposed to feel increasingly warm, with warm sensations gradually spreading out from the Elixir Field and the kidneys."

p. 80 eliminating diseases

[quoted from C^on-yan Z^en-ren Jin-guan Yu-suo Jue 10a] "eat metal food when hungry, and drink jade juice when thirsty. ... "Extracting" means to gather Real qi from above ... . "Adding" means to advance warm qi from below ... and make it enter the Elixir Field. If a person’s Kidney Palace is warm, the myriad diseases will be eliminated."

p. 80 eliminating hungre & thirst [HNYZ^ = Huan-tin Nei-jin Z^u (DT400/TT189)]

Huan-tin Nei-jin Jin


Liu C^u-xuan’s comment (HNYZ^)

"Eventually reach non-hunger, and the Three Worms (evil spirits that tempt a person ...) will perish."


[17b] "With the worms and corpses already scattered, [your Real] Nature’s manifest radiance shines."

"Visualize and wash the five sprouts and do not hunger or thirst."


[26b] "Wash with gold, the jade sprouts. ... Always drink the smoky mist."

"Bland and without taste is the food of the Heavenly man."


[42b] "Unselfishly and quietly, the holy spring can quench hunger and thirst."

p. 81 sexual yoga

In the C^un-yan Di-jun S^en-hua Miao-ton Ji (an early 14th-century Chr.E. Quan-z^en compilation of Lu: Yan legends) 6/5a-6a, is a story (#85) about a certain Lou Dao-min "who was an expert at sexual yoga. He always surrounded himself with pretty, buxom young ladies and would regularly make love to ten of them at a time. ... Thus he claimed to be a Realized Immortal."

p. 82 the white ox ("semen") : rite for its impending departure from the body; the 3 sama-adhi-s of "non-leakage" [quoted from C^on-yan Z^en-ren Jin-guan Yu-suo Jue 6b]

"A lesson says, ‘When the White Ox is leaving, close and knock on your Dark Passage, close the Four Gates and quickly use the Method of the Immortal in Angling Fish. {"fishers of men" ?}

Also use the Three Island Hand Signals and cause the Yellow River to flow backwards. Hold from above the Golden Passage and store it away with the Jade Chain.

If people gouge out their eyes (stop looking at arousing sights?),

{"If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out." (Markos 9:47; Matthaios 18:9)}

the White Ox will of its own accord not run away.

{cf. the "Ox-Herding Pictures" of C^>an/Zen}

This is the Method of the Inner Function Leaving the Water and Climbing to the Other Shore.’

There are ten methods of stabilizing one’s Nature and Life. A lesson says,

‘One is called, ‘the Samadhi of the Golden Passage and the Jade Chain.’

A second is called ‘the Samadhi of the of Replacing Death and Returning to Life on the Three Islands.’

A third is called, ‘the Samadhi of the Nine Curves of the Yellow River Flowing Backwards.’

{As for the dead, "the nine rings of Styx corral them in." (Vergilius : Aeneid 6.439 – "S"}

These [states of concentration] are called, ‘Non-leakage.’ Those whose fruits [of non-leakage] are complete have all completed the way of immortality.

When the treasures have been stabilized, quit. [Or else you will] paralyze your hips and blind your eyes."

"S" = "Styx" http://www.theoi.com/Khthonios/PotamosStyx.html

p. 83 woman’s "transporting of the treasures"

[quoted from C^on-yan Z^en-ren Jin-guan Yu-suo Jue 8a] "the woman’s transporting of the treasures. Place [and burn (?)] frankincense (ruxiang; lit. "milk fragrance") before you, and frequently advance the true fire."

p. 84 z^ou-hou fei jin-jin ("Flying the Metal Crystals behind the Elbows")

[quoted from C^on-yan Z^en-ren Jin-guan Yu-suo Jue 8a] "Visualize two pearls of lead and mercury. Shoot them at Penglai, and the back of the brain will open. The gate of heaven will open on its own as the red mist clears. Real qi enters the Ocean of Marrow, which becomes naturally warm. This causes a person’s white head [hair] to become black again."

p. 85 z^ou-hou fei jin-jin ("Flying the Metal Essence behind the Elbows")

[quoted from Da-dan Z^i-z^i 1/12a-b] "stretch your body, making your chest stick out and your spine curve inwards. This opens the lower passage (located at the bottom of the spine ...). After this, when the heat of the qi climaxes and rises up to the bottom of the passage, you should ... sit properly. The hot qi will thrust through all three passages, supplementing the marrow in the brain.

Naturally, your complexion will become rosy, your bones will become strong, your skin will become white ..., and your body will become light. This is called "Returning to Youth from Old Age" and is a method of long life and immortality."

If __ person practiceth this,

he/she __

a young

"will not age."

an old

"will return to youth."

pp. 85-6 the combined triple practice & its results [quoted from Da-dan Z^i-z^i 1/14a-b]

p. 85

If people practice only __,

they can only __ .


"Copulation of the Dragon and Tiger"

"supplement what they lack, benefit their qi, vitalize their blood"


"Firing Times"

"bring joy to their skin and invigorate their sinews and bones."


"Flying the Metallic Essence"

"return to youth from old age, ... lightening their bodies."


"If the are able to put into practice all of these lessons, they will receive great benefits. It is so that when dragon and tiger intermingle and produce an object the size of a grain of rice or millet that moves around inside the Yellow Court; if you do not use the Firing Times you cannot refine and solidify it. As for

p. 86

[those who practice only] the Firing Times of the Revolving of Heaven; they will only have vacuous qi in their Elixir Fields and will be unable to make the dragon and tiger copulate. ...

These two methods complement each other. In using [the method of Flying the Metal Crystals] behind the elbows to extract the kidneys’ qi [to make it] enter the brain; if you do not complete the yang inside the yin (extract yang qi from the kidneys by means of the other two methods), you will ... violate the pure yang elixir [which is] the [most] profound among the profound, the marvel among marvels."


If thou practicest all 3 methods together, thereupon


after __ days,

resultant __



"your body will have a spiritual light [emanating from it], your face will be rosy, your skin will be white, and your belly will be warm."



"you will always smell an extraordinary fragrance"



"diseases and misfortunes will naturally be eliminated.


When amidst stillness ... you will hear sounds of music in the distance,

and a brilliant red radiance will gradually appear in the dark room."

p. 87 animals & herb on mt. Kun-lun, in internal alchemy

[quoted from C^on-yan Z^en-ren Jin-guan Yu-suo Jue 11a-b]

"Quickly command your spirit-will to enter the Spiritual Palace of the Niwan (brain). ... visualize in front of your eyes the male and female immortals each playing the music of the immortals. ... See the scenery of Mt. Kunlun.

See above you an ox, sheep, deer, horse, and jade rabbit. ...

When your merit is stabilized, you will suddenly visualize a single treasure tree above you. On the tree is a flower. The tree blooms and produces a seed. With your mind, pluck it off and swallow it. One who is able to ingest this will eternally acquire a long life of peace and joy."

p. 87 the 9-curved 9-cycle

[quoted from C^on-yan Z^en-ren Jin-guan Yu-suo Jue 12a] "He/she must quickly use the Method of Penetrating the Nine Curves, which is also called the "Nine Cycle Digging of the Small Intestine’s Nine Penetrations." Real qi will enter the Hall of the Kidneys, and his/her urine will naturally become a bluish-white color, and the whole body will acquire ease and comfort."

p. 88 peculiar dreams at indications about the status of the Elixir Field [quoted from C^on-yan Z^en-ren Jin-guan Yu-suo Jue 22b]

"At night, if you often dream of releasing an ox on top of a mountain and that ox is a red ox or a blue ox, or

this is because the qi in your Elixir Field is vigorous.

[if you dream of] immortals, Taoist monks, temples and monasteries, nine rooms and large roads, tall chariots and nice trees, or

at night see little boys and girls and great officials,

If you dream and see small roads, rough thorn bushes, evil people running about, ruined houses, ... graves, trees falling down, or

this is all because your Elixir Field’s qi is declining and is weak."

dream about being frightened while crossing a river,

p. 90 miraculous healings by Wan C^u-yi

[according to Ti-xuan Z^en-ren Xian-yi Lu 11b-12a] Wan C^u-yi "could heal a serious disease by feeding his leftovers to the patient."

[according to Ti-xuan Z^en-ren Xian-yi Lu 11a-b] "he could resurrect the dead simply by blowing on them."

pp. 90-1 the 1000s of effects : how to become more permanent than Heaven-&-Earth

p. 90

"If you remain dedicated and devoted for a long, long time,

your spirit will be stable, and your qi will be harmonious. ...

Inside you will be complete, and outside your overflowing brightness will penetrate clearly.


Calmly and motionlessly you will respond to and move with 1,000 changes and 10,000 transformations without limit.

Sitting, staying, standing, or going, your 36,000 numinous spirits (that dwell in the body and together comprise the Spirit) will dance and jump and roam throughout the world under Heaven and the Three Realms, commanding and predicting."

p. 91

"Heaven has a [predetermined] time when it will fall down,

Earth has a time when it will cave in,

the mountains have a time when they will crumble, and

the seas have a time when they will dry up. ...


Only those who study the Tao will reach the stage where their Spirit will reside together with the Tao and thereby be indestructible forever".

p. 93 one’s theriomorphic double [quoted from Da-dan Z^i-z^i 8b; having a strong resemblance to Xi-s^an Qun-xian Hui-z^en Ji 5/9a-b ] {similar to Aztec "nagual"}

"Master Haichan (Liu Cao) [used the method of] the crane rising to the gate of heaven. Amid stillness (trance), he made his Real Nature – in the manner of a crane rising to the gate of heaven – exit outward. Naturally, he got to have a body outside the body.

{Is this "body outside" in the shape of a crane?}

Patriarch Wang ..., the Twelfh Realized Man of the Western Mountain, said, "in the manner of a blooming tree, exit amid stillness. ... Your Original Nature will have already come out, and naturally you will divide your form outside your body."

{Is this "form outside your body" in the shape of a tree?}

The Yellow Emperor exited in the manner of a fiery dragon."

{Is this in the shape of a fiery dragon?}


Stephen Eskildsen : The Teachings and Practices of the Early Quanzhen Taoist Masters. State U of NY Pr, Albany, 2004.