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[The Flying Rolls are quoted from :- Francis King : Astral Projection, Magic aned Alchemy. London : Spearman, 1971.]




Ascent and Tendencies


p. 175 (King 1971, p. 66) rising in the planes : the nature of clairvoyance according to Frater Deo Duce Comite Ferro (S. L. MacGregor Mathers)

"Rising in the Planes is a spiritual process after ... higher aims; by concentration and contemplation of the Divine ... to the spiritual realms above and beyond you. ... Look upwards to the Divine Light shining down ... upon you. From ... the arrow cleaving upwards leads the way to ... the Great Central Sun of Sacred Power."

p. 176 appealing to the Forces of the planets

if __entice one's self astray

use conson. __

for planet __







Lying untruth



Wavering of Mind





"Body of Luminance"


p. 177 (King 1971, pp. 73-4) transferral of consciousness (according to Flying Roll XXV, by Frater Sub Spe alias dictus Dr. John W. Brodie-Innes)

"a grey mist ... on which ... from a magic lantern ... the form of the symbol is projected. ... The sensation ... is ... of a figure walking among the scenes of a new country -- ... the Astral Plane -- ... it is my own figure that I am looking at {contemplative autoscopy} -- ... this doppelganger. Further to be able ... to inhabit it. ... my Consciousness had ... to take possession of a body ... invoked out of the Astral Sphere as a vehicle for myself."

{In the realm beyond the Abyss is mist, where there are walking bodies, which whenever one is bodiless in that visionary world, one may occupy and walk through that mist-realm.}

p. 178 visualizing one's "body of light" (according to Fortune 1962, pp. 56-7)

"In my own experience ..., the utterance to myself of my Magical name led to ... myself {becoming} ... superhuman ... more than life-size ... . Upon my affirming it as my own, identification was immediate."

Fortune 1962 = Dion Fortune : Applied Magic. London : Aquarian Pr.

{Another instance of (when one is bodilessly viewing a visionary world) entring and occupying a body seen standing there, so as to walk that world in that body.}



Tarot {Tarock} & Tattva Visualizations


pp. 179, 264 exposition of Tarot cards

p. 179

"Egyptian motifs -- the Wheel of Fortune {of goddess Nemesis}, for instance, is sometimes shown with the jackal-headed god Herm[-]anubis".

p. 264, n. 9:16

"See the commentaries on these cards in Paul Foster Case, The Tarot : A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages (New York : Macoy, 1947). Case's American esoteric organization, Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.), was affiliated with the Golden Dawn, and ... his Tarot deck ... the Rider Tarot created by Golden Dawn members Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith."

p. 181 (King 1971, pp. 58-9) encountring goddess Isis the Sleeping Beauty (according to Flying Roll IV, by Soror Sapientia Sapienti Dona Data alias dicta Mrs F. Emery, and by Soror Fidelis alias dicta Miss Elaine Simpson)

"In vibratory {i.e., stoccato quaver} manner pronounced Daleth. Then, ... rising on the planes ... to pass through clouds and then appeared ... a Gothic Temple ... . ... Here was met a beautiful green dragon, who moved aside ... . Turning a corner ... in the dark emerged from darkness on to a marble terrace brilliantly white ... . Here, there appeared a woman of heroic proportions, clothed in green with a jewelled girdle, a crown of stars on her head ... . She ... replied :

"I am the mighty Mother Isis; ... I am that Sleeping Beauty who[m] men have sought ... . I am the world's desire ... . ... my secret ... is the secret of the Holy Grail.""

p. 181 Tattva-s


its symbol



red aequilateral triangle



silver crescent



blue circle



yellow square



"violet egg {oval}"


{The shapes are those of (in the Bauddha cosmology according to the Abhi-dharma) the islands in the cardinal directions around Jambu dvipa, the central region whereof is (according to the Puran.a-s) the square vars.a Ila-vr.ta (yellow square region in the Chinese mythological geography). The ascriptions of shapes are also those of Kun.d.alini yoga : e.g., crescent for makara vahana of water-god Varun.a.}

p. 182 (King 1971, pp. 68-9) entring into divine pyramid (according to Flying Roll XI, by Soror Vestigia alias dicta Mrs Moina Mathers)

"in a Temple. An altar in the midst -- ... there is a dai:s beyond, and many figures upon it -- they seem to be Elementals of a fiery nature. ... She ... wills to pass through the pyramid, finds herself out amid the sand. Wills her return -- returns -- perceiving her body in robes."

p. 182 encountring Yahh Qo^mah {/Iakomos/ ho apostolos}in the Undine World by Moina Mathers (Regardie 1937-40, vol. 4, p. 43)

"A wide expanse of water with ... occasionally glimpses of rainbow colours appearing. When divine ... names were pronounced, elementals of the mermaid and merman type [would] appear ... . These water forms were ... one moment appearing as solid mermaids and mermen, the next melting into foam.

Raising myself ..., and vibrating the names ..., I rose ..., and instead I beheld a mighty world or globe, with its dimensions and divisions of Gods, ... elementals and demons -- the whole Universe of Water. I called on HCOMA and there appeared standing before me ..., with four wings, robed in glistening white and crowned ..., ... a species ... with an essence ... ."

Regardie 1937-40 = Israel Regardie : The Golden Dawn. 4 voll. Chicago : Aries Pr.


9.3^ki^ Magic


p. 183 Edward Kelley & his disciple John Dee

"Elizabethan occultists John Dee and Edward Kelley ... made use of wax tablets called almadels engraved with magical symbols, and also a large number of squares measuring 49 * 49 ... . ... Kelley had a large crystal stone upon which which ... he saw "angels" appear." They [the angels] would point to various ... squares in turn and these were written down by Dee as Kelley called them out. When these ... were completely transcribed, Kelley would

{"Renaissance magician Henry Cornelius Agrippa. Agrippa had elaborated a system of numerical and alphabetical tables for the summoning of angels, and it was within this framework that the two Elizabethans worked." ("ACD")}

reverse their order {their sequence}, for ... the angels communicated them backwards".

{Witches were likewise known to recite the Paternoster backwards, so as to reverse its effect : that is, in order to countremand the effects of the Church (the Episcopal, and afterwards the Lutheran, Church, that is --implying that the witches were Catholic).} {In his The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist, Crowley's own name "is spelled out in the first letter of each line ... (but in reverse order)" ("ACD").}

"ACD" = "Aleister Crowley in the Desert". Chapter 6 of :- Alex Owen : The Place of Enchantment : British Occultism ... .

p. 184 (King 1971, pp. 82-4) encountring a female angel by Soror Fortiter et Recte (Miss Annie Horniman)

"I made the Signs {gesticulations}

{"Wakea takes over ... a symbolic heiau ... with his hand" (HM, p. 296). Wakea's offspring was HA-LOA (HM, p. 297-8).}

and called on the Names ... to be allowed to see the Angel. She appeared to me with a blue lunar crescent on her head ... . Her robe was pale blue with

a black border ... :

{intended to denote an affair with a blacksmith (Hephaistos)?}

her wings were blue also ... . Around her was a diamond {lozenge, rhombos} of

red yod[-]s {'hands'}. ...

{hands of divinities "caught red-handed" assisting her}

The elementals were ... blue maids, ... and ... wore blue winged helmets and cloaks, red breastplates ... and black leg-armour. ...

{Armor-wearing goddess Athene was embraced by ("A&BE") god Hephaistos,

On this World the effect is that of ... submarine volcanoes

a god of the volcano ("FLI").}

disturbing the Earth {i.e., erupting} under the Sea.

{This would generate abundant steam.}

The animal life is that represented by the fish ... blue with black or red specks. The plants are water-lilies ... . In regard to minerals I saw a great blueish opal with red lights playing in it ... in a black marble basin ... . ... I seemed to see a person ... making a great effort ... to reach ... a solid black pedestal ... .

But hot clouds of steam and great water tried to hinder him ... ."

{Ha-roa [= Haw. HA-LOA] was elder brother of Hatupatu (FFTM, p. 120).} {"Hatupatu dodged and raced ... through the drifting steam. Hatupatu leaped over a geyser" ("H&K"). [cf. "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick".]}

HM = Martha Beckwith : Hawaiian Mythology. Yale Univ Pr, 1940.

"A&BE" = "Athena & the Birth of Erikhthonios".

"FLI" = "Forge on the Lipara Islands".

FFTM = James Cowan = Fairy Folk Tales of the Maori. Auckland : Whitcombe & Tombs, 1925.

"H&K" = "Hatupatu and Kurangaituku".

pp. 184-5 magic of^k, as performed by Neuburg at the instance of Crowley

p. 184

"In 1909 ..., Aleister Crowley and his disciple Victor Neuburg ... used a series of 30 so-called Aethyrs ... . According to Israel Regardie, who helped Crowley prepare ... The Vision and the Voice in 1929, Crowley carried with him a large golden topaz set in a wooden cross decorated with ritual symbols ... .

Crowley then used his topaz as a focusing glass to concentrate

[similarly as Edward Kelley had done with his crystal (supra p. 183)]

p. 185

his attention.

As a result ..., Crowley had a number of visionary experiences, which were then transcribed by Neuburg ... . ... the Enochian workings took place in ... the Algerian desert at locations such as Aumale, Am El Hajel, Bou-Saada, Benshrur, Tolga, and Biskra. ...

The Aethyr called NIA involves magical flight through the aeons in a chariot, a theme ... in early ... Merkabah literature ... .

Another Aethyr, LIT, transports Crowley to a magical mountain".

p. 185 NIA (Aithyr 24)

"An angel comes forward into the stone ... .

[as with Edward Kelley (supra p. 183)]

Upon his head are plumes ... spread out

like the fan of a peacock.

{Herald for peacock (BT IV, no. 24 M46, M652+526 -- M2T, p. 91).}

About his feet a great army of ... lions, elephants ... ."

{"elephant at the goad ... lion in a pitfall." (BT 4 no. 3.3 -- M2T, p. 47).}

"in the clashing of the swords".

"clashed their spears ... of his wailing" (GM 7.c).}

{"sang a sweet melody ... of grief" (BT 11 no. 1 M 2 MP -- M2T, p. 8).}

"a blue rose, and

{"an elephant when it from a mountain above the garden of the king became greedy of the smell of the flowers" (BT 11 no. 1 M 2 MP -- M2T, p. 8).}

from beneath the petals of the rose come brightly

coloured humming-birds".

{Aztec humminbird-god Huitzil-opochtli}

"It was an Angel of golden skin ... . Finer than a ... web were her robes. And they ... were of the seven colours."

{"Goddess Kamala is represented ... with golden skin ... . ... She ... puts on a silken dress." ("GK").}

M2T = Manicheism II Texts.

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

"GK" = "Goddess Kamala".

pp. 186-7 LIT (Aithyr 5)

p. 186

"the eye, within the shining triangle." {FreeMasonic "eye in pyramid"}

{"Priam locked her {Kassandra, having the wisdom-eye of praescientia} in a pyramidal building" (GM 158.r).}

... Hathor ... weareth ... cows' horns ... . ...

{"a dappled cow ... lay down on reaching

Now I come to the top of the mountain ... ."

the hill of Ate {Ate}" (GM 158.h).}

"canst thou understand the marriage of the Eight and the Three."

{"By Strymo {Strumoi} ..., Laomedon {La[w]o-medon} had five sons ...; as well as three daughters" (GM 158.l).}

"women ... black; ...

{Paris awarded to (GM 159.m) Aphrodite, who is styled (GM 18.4) Melainis ('Black') in (Pausasias ii.2.4 -- "EAT") Korinthos, and

their buttocks are almost worn away by the kisses".

Kalli-pugos (Athenaios xii; cf. Alkiphron i.39 -- "EAT") 'Beautiful-Buttocked' (D.C"C"; ST.O"AK").}

p. 187

"Suspended in the air there is a silver star, and on the forehead of each of the guardians there is a silver star."

{A "silver star" in mentioned in Alfred Tennyson's poe:m Tithonus, spoken by Tithonos, son of Lao-medon, king of Ilion/Troia (T"T").}

"And the password ["There-is-no-god"] that I had been given seems ... whispered round from the one [divinity] to the other [divinity], ... until the last one whispers the same words in my ears. ... He slightly emphasised the word "there". ...

{Thereat, in the Star Chambre of the British Empire, is no part of, nor participation with, any god (nor of nor with any goddess), for it hath been forsaken by all divinities (and by every divinity) what-so-ever.}

With every word he belches forth



so that the whole Aethyr becomes full of it."

"EAT" = "Encyclopedia Aphrodite Titles".

D.C"C" = Dictionary.Com "Callipygous".

ST.O"AK" = SocialTopics.Org "Aphrodite Kallipygos ".

T"T" = "Tennyson's "Tithonus".

{It is virtually certain that Aleister Crowley (an inspirer of poe:sy : "Crowley's words made a poet out of him" -- "ACD") was well-acquainted with this poe:m by Tennyson, and that he named for the silver star (as "guide" -- psychopomp -- to the soul of Sarpedon's rival the slain Memnon), his occult order "Astrum Argenteum" (on account partially of its allusion to rosy-fingered goddess Eos/Auos 'Dawn' of the Auos Chrysa (Eos Chryse 'Golden Dawn'). Besides Persia's governor (GM 164.d) Tithonos half-brotherhood with (GM 164.c) Priam king of the Troad, and fatherhood of Memnon son of Kissia of (GM 164.2) Sousa/S^us^an in <e^lam, /Tithono-/ may be cognate with the name /Did.hi/ (/Dil.hi/, misspelled /Delhi/) of the modern capital of Bharata/Hindustan/India [: these realms (India since the 18th century ChrE, and H^uzistan occupied by the British Army during the Great War in 1917-18) were, of course, the most opulent (and exploitable) in the British Empire]. Though the elegiac format of Tennyson's poe:m could be taken as referring to the already-moribund condition of the unjust and greed-driven British Empire; yet nevertheless the psychopomic interest would be in Memnon's bird-cloak (GM 164.h) -- resembling in the wasp-cloak in the Popol Vuh -- context of the birds which die and leave their lives "among the sky-high stars" (Vergilius : Aeneid 5:517-18 -- cited in Makrobios : Saturnalia III.8.4), with the suggestion that Memnon's achievement is the apotheosis (esteemed by the Nus.ayri, of whose clergy was Paschal Beverly-Randolph) wherein among the risen dead (Daniye>l 12:2), the righteous (Daniye>l 12:3) "shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and ... as the stars for ever and ever." A "silver star" as psychopomp is of course in reality a silvery flying saucer : to be transported by such after one's death being the top-secret goal of the Astrum Argenteum, countremanding (by divine fiat, whenever necessary) even earthling-governments' ultrasensitive classification. [written Oct 21 2014]}

Makrobios : Saturnalia III-V (transl. by Robert A. Kaster, Loeb Classical Libr, 2011. p. 59)

Daniye>l 12:3


Lynne Hume & Nevill Drury : The Varieties of Magical Experience : Indigenous, Medieval, and Modern Magic. Praeger (an imprint of ABC-CLIO), Santa Barbara (CA), 2013.