Autobiography Emphasizing Successive Overcomings, Arranged in Sequence Opposite From That of Their Compiling Themselves in Human History, of Prime Metaphysical Delusions Created by Ruling Classes of Class-Ruled Societies

This is intended as a model of how an autobiography ought to be composed, to suggest how each person who hath overcome the delusion fostered by ruling-classes can, by celebrating such achievement (of overcoming), guide other persons along the same path : firstly of achieving freedom from the delusions, and nextly of thanking one's spirit-guides for having assisted in this process, so that by the spirit-guides' being proprely extolled, they can (having brought such extollations to the attention of appropriate committees of divinities) set about inducing (in and through means of other persons' spirit-guides) such a metaphysical methodology as may be capable of repelling vicious ruling-classes and of ultimately trapping and catching the hyperploutokrats who are endeavouring to bring about annihilation (on whatever planets those deceitful hypocrite-ploutokrats may be located upon) of life, of intelligence, of ethics, of understanding, and of meaningfulness.

The exposure of ruling-class-created delusions ought to start with the current set of delusions, and to travel backwards in human history to the earliest such set of delusion created by the earliest ruling-class. Then, having eliminated (by exposure) such delusions, it may be possible to suggest enough practical improvements to the mode of life of non-class-ruled societies (hitherto rather primitive -- tribes located in Africa, and in Siberia, and among AmerIndians, etc.), so as to be helpful for converting the outlooks of such societies to more progressive styles, thereby to allow for continual expansion of their metaphysics into a system capable of benefiting the understanding of all persons (instead of only a few shamans exceptionally born with unusual innate psychic/pneumatic powers).

There are two main opposed trends in class-ruled societies : (1) the increasing burthen of delusions created by the ruling-class, and (2) an ingeniously-concealed current of resistance to those delusions, largely in the form of difficult-to-recognize satires of the follies and foibles of ruling-classes. The latter of the twain become recognizable (to one's self) after the former become increasingly disposed of (within one's own understandings).

The ruling-class-promoted delusions involved are largely in this historical sequence : (1) deity designed to be worship of commoners, is described as having been so very lacking in supernatural power as to have been tortured to death [instances : Osiris, Hera-klees, and (much later) Iesous Khristos]; (2) deity an absolutist tyrant dominating a country, and imposing harsh inhumane laws [instances : Zarathustrianism (perhaps the 1st instance of such a system), To^rah system (imitated or copied from Zarathustrian models), and (much later) >islam]; (3) replacement of all deities with inert and supposedly insentient matter, with deduction of absolute non-existence of meaningingfulness, and of absolute non-existence purposivity, in the universe, from the supposed lack of either in supposedly insentient matter [main instance : ploutokratic-capitalism's promotion of public-ethics-banishing materialist delusion].

The 3rd of these is the most extreme and the most paralyzing to logic (for there can be no logic without meaningfulness, a feature the existence whereof materialists deny) and of all social structures based on logic or on reason, including (most especially) all public ethics. With all praetense of public ethics abandoned, ploutokrats [instances : Germany in 2nd World War, and praesent-day U.S. of A.] thereupon proceed to assault and all nations generally, perpetrating vast genocides (burning to death vast numbers of women and of children with ignited napalm, etc.), and fanatically intent on exterminating all living beings on all planets to which they (capitalist-materialists) may ever have access.

Therefore it was the 3rd (namely, materialism) that I first came to confront (in my teens) : a system which firmly is in denial of the possible existence anything not evident inert matter, namely consciousness, feelings, sentiments, sensations, perception, etc. etc. How many years I struggled with the materialist proposition that I must be at all times totally unconscious (on account of the body's being composed of nothing but matter, which is supposedly non-conscious)! Materialism's logical retort to the seemingly possible objection that one seemingly is constantly experiencing consciousness, is that such seemingness is (according to the strictures of materialism) mere delusion -- and I could not think of any feasible way of refuting the imputation of being deluded in my sensation of consciousness.

Eventually, however, I came to read the, which assert that there is a major delusion, but that that delusion is the material universe itself, and that the ultimate reality to everything is consciousness and (because it is a most evident repository of consciousness) the self. Then, knowing full well that materialism (displayed in crass greed for material possessions) is the very essence of capitalism, I took to abhorrence of capitalism; knowing, however, that Marxists tend to agree wholeheartedly with capitalist-stooges in glorifying materialism -- I figured (at that time -- I was 20 when in college) that Marxists were in grievous error on account of not having even contemplated the violently anti-ethical consequences of materialism, let alone any realizing by them that materialism must be discarded in favor of antique metaphysics. At this point I was resigned to the fact that I could not associate with typical educated persons in the Occidental World (Europe and the Americas), and longed to depart instead to the Orient : but because I heard enough of Destiny's arranging affairs ineluctably because of such arrangement's being ultimately for the best, and because of my parents' having objected to my going to India on the basis of poverty therein due to lack of technology, I (somewhat reluctantly) consented to remain in the U.S. of A.

The 2nd of 3, monotheism, later caused some reluctance in me, for I soon (while in college) read the Neo-Platonic literature glorifying 'The One', a terminology based on the supposed uniqueness of Platonic eideia (which function as archetypes, especially of categories in logic). To regard such logical-operator universals (in their transcendentally divine aspect) as commensurate with the common-substantive universals (which tend to apply to ordinary mundane concerns) seemed inappropriate, even if promoted as such by theistic philosophers. Again, much as with materialism's inducing doubt of one's of own consciousness/existence, here was a logically insoluble praedicament.

The 1st of the 3 came to the fore decades later, when I found it needful to express a socio-oikonomic exposition of the ruling-class's persevering intent to impose on the exploited classes a limitation, in any appeals for divine assistance, to a tortured-to-death (at any rate, allegedly so : the tale being a novelistic myth) victim as alleged "god". It was evident enough that this sort of myth was primarily intended to impart a "faith" that the ruling-class (or mortals!) is more powerful, by far, than "god"; which is the basic message acquired by Christians from the Eu-angelion (with its allegation that its "god" was easily tortured-to-death by an official of the provincial government). Whenever considering the implications for mentality of the "faithful", it was possible to understand the source of the vicious brutality of genocidal Christians : taught to glory in the Cross (in other words to be delighted the torturing-to-death of their enclaimed "god"), Christians naturally seek most fanatically to torture-to-death all humans (though most especially anyone perceived as having "that of god" within) whomever they ever encountre, throughout the world.

[written Tue 24 Nov 2015]