Deceitfulness (regarded as necessary for curation of souls) in Shamanism and in Christianity

shamanic practice

Christian parallel

exposition of Christianity

exposition of shamanism

In shamanry, a trap is praepared upon the sickness-spirit, by the shamanís concealing (in mouth or in hand) a sickness-object wherewith surreptitiously to trap the sickness-spirit.

In Christianity, a trap is praepared upon the spirit of Christ by the Church; along with the Churchís artfully concealing its plot against Christ.

Christ had intended, by his praetending (in the Gospels) not to be God, in order thereby to trick all persons who heard of him to deny his Divinity, those persons thereby getting themselves all confined (through being deceived by Christ) into aeternal damnation.

The sickness-spirit had intended (by not disclosing its spiritual nature during the course of the sickness) not to be recognized as a spirit; so that after the patientís death, the patientís soul could be punished further for this.

The shaman must not, at the outset of a curing performance, disclose the praescnce of the sickness-object. This is nullify the spiritís realization of its praesence, and thus to obviate the sickness-spiritís evadence of that trap.

The Church must not, during the performance of a Mass, disclose its crafty plot against the spirit of Christ. This is to nullify the Christís realization of that plot, and thus to obviate the Christís evadence of that trap.

The Church must not disclose the fact that (by proclaiming Christ to be God) it is thereby defeating the intention of Christ to bring about universal damnation. This non-disclosure is to hinder Christ from realization of the Churchís circumvention of his plot, so that Christ cannot think to take counter-measures against the Church.

The shaman will be wary mentioning (in any direct manner) the fact that the sickness-spiritís main motivation in killing a patient is to get that patientís soul condemned after death for any neglect on the part of the patient to recognize the Divine Nature of the sickness-spirit.

relevance of Helping-Spirits and of the Apostles



A shamanís helping-spirits must be capable of recognizing a sickness-spirit.

It cannot be that the Apostles truly did not recognize the Divinity of Christ, for if they had not done so, they could never have been acclaimed as Saints (by the Church); but would have instead been anathematized (by the Church) as execrable arch-haeretics.

Those helping-spirit must help the shaman to deceive and trick the sickness-spirit.

Where the Gospels indicate that the Apostles neglected to tell Christ that they knew that he was God, the Gospels are therefore (according to tacit Church doctrine) simply indicating that the Apostles secretly deceived Christ into not realizing that they knew that he was God; and that the Apostles knew that Christ was attempting (unsuccessfully) to deceive them in his praetending not to be God.